1 million vegetable pit in Iran More than and 70 minutes cramp it (video)-googims

1 million "vegetable" pit in Iran? More than and 70 minutes [] they blame it cramps the country foot 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole last night 12 Saizhongyi battle, the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center bad site quality has become the focus of the fans tucao. But you know, the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center in order to meet the 12 national football finals, has spent 1 million yuan, from the beginning of June to replace the new turf. The new turf is really not good, but this is also a double-edged sword, the foot is not good enough to play in the above, more emphasis on the speed of the Iran team is obviously not suitable. After the turf has been too horrible to look at game only two minutes, with the two players, the Olympic Sports Center turf appeared over the situation, from the stands can clearly see the grass turned to soil color. During the break, more than 20 uniforms and uniforms in the field staff have come to the lawn to repair the turf. The staff will turn out to grass playback or stamped on the back, professional turf maintenance workers also came to the lawn trimming goal, this is very rare in the world series. According to common sense, the Olympic Sports Center to replace the new turf after 6, 7, 8 and three months of growth, should be able to grow well, but the actual situation is that the replacement of the new species more in order to adapt to the cold weather in the north of Shenyang, so laying is more adapted to the cold type grass growth at low temperatures. But the replacement of Shenyang city turf time exactly is the three month of the hot 6, 7, 8 in Shenyang City, so grass did not grow well, especially the new grass roots is not strong, so in the absence of external forces, the turf can easily be uprooted. According to one expert said, the Olympic Sports Center turf if you want to completely grounded, only after October the most suitable grass growth time, it can achieve the best effect of competition. From yesterday’s game, turf quality for faster, Iran players more explosive bigger influence mainly has two aspects: first, before the site is soft and also poured a lot of water, the Iran team in the ground is difficult to play smooth fit; secondly in this place play consumption comparison the Iran team for physical fitness, it is clearly unfavorable fatigued by a long journey, the Iran team to more than and 60 minutes, more or less have cramps, site consumption factors. (Qiang Jun)相关的主题文章: