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16 members handed a joint letter: Wanda Hollywood to acquire or control the United States media industry Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin. Wang Jianlin continues to move into Hollywood as if it has been hampered. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported on October 4th, the United States House of representatives of 16 members in September 15th to submit a letter to ask the government accountability office mentioned in the Wanda Group conducted a series of big acquisitions in Hollywood, including the acquisition of legendary American film company and American cinema chain corporation, caused people to control a large portion of the US media industry to a external power concerns. Reported that members wrote in the letter, these acquisitions increased the people’s attempts to review the theme of China and the United States media publicity control concerns". The Government Accountability Office responded that the letter asked the administration to study whether it should expand the role of foreign investment in the United States Commission, it belongs to "the power range", and the agency is expected to study the matter in about four months. As of press time reporter, Wanda Group did not respond to this. In recent years, Wanda in the film industry continues to expand its territory, whether it is the upstream part of the film and television content production, and marketing on the downstream part of Wanda to the world film industry in the path with the right of discourse has been gradually clear. Reported that the transaction is started by overweeningly ambitious U.S. government officials and industry leaders, they believe that Wang Jianlin and China threat to Hollywood as a commercial and cultural force in the entertainment industry dominant position. Hollywood’s "big six" refers to the six major Hollywood studios, including: twentieth Century Fawkes, Warner Bros., Disney film, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. Previously, Wanda is actively promoting related transaction and paramount, the intent to obtain 49% paramount equity. But with the former Viacom CEO Philip · dormann out this transaction aground. 2012, Wanda $2 billion 600 million acquisition of us cinema chain AMC, Wanda, $3 billion 500 million through the acquisition of legendary pictures into a controlling stake, film production field. After Wanda purchased legendary equity after only two months, AMC invested $1 billion 100 million acquisition of U.S. Ka Maike cinema. The deal makes Wang Jianlin the biggest movie producer in the United States and around the world. Just a few days ago, the evening of 22 September, Wanda Group and SONY Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group announced a strategic cooperation. Cooperation content, including SONY’s film and television in the future will be open to SONY to invest in the production of the film’s equity investment, and strive to allow the film to show Chinese elements. At present, Wanda in the film industry have film investment, production, distribution and screening of content products and so the whole industry chain, while Wang Jianlin is the film industry production and screening of the two field acquisition of global assets, thus creating a global giant Wanda cinema belongs to. At present, Wang Jianlin is consistent with its Dalian Wanda Group’s acquisition of television production company Dick Clark Productions Holdings trading.相关的主题文章: