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18 college students by loans by classmates borrow information recently, Hunan 18 college students found by loans of more than 50 yuan, and the use of their personal information loans is a senior student of Hunan University of Arts and Science huang. In September 30th, Huang Shuai’s father found the school called the adult son, will bear the responsibility for their inability to repay him. Identity information is to borrow loans repeatedly yesterday afternoon, one of the things involved in small mulberry students (a pseudonym) told reporters, Huang Shuai has used his personal information in 8 net loan platform loans, so far, there are still 37 thousand yuan has not been repaid. According to the small mulberry memories, in September 2015, Huang Shuai said the money is not spent, to borrow a few thousand yuan, small mulberry said not enough cash, Huang proposed loan can be used in net loan platform. I did not use the net loan platform, but at the time he had more than 1000 yuan a month living expenses, I think he must have." As a result, small mulberry accepted the proposal. According to the requirements of the platform, the small mulberry hand card must be taken as a front photo, this photo, student ID and bank card information uploaded to the net loan platform, you can successfully complete the registration. Platform lending speed, submit a few minutes after the application can be credited." After the loan to the bank card binding to the platform, the payment of the money will be transferred to the small mulberry platform Huang Shuai, Huang Shuai then monthly installments. The following year, Huang Shuai before and after the small mulberry on the 8 platforms to register and multiple loans, a few hundred, more than ten thousand. Once he was on the ‘elite loan’ 15 thousand on the loan, the platform also requires me to record a video upload, indicating their name, where the school, the amount of loans, the number of installments, repayment time and other information." Xiao sang said, a number of platforms high interest, once in the money meter borrowing 1000 yuan, a month after the repayment has generated interest of $635. If the overdue repayment, breach of contract is also a lot, there is only 3 days overdue repayment of the Yellow Dragon, it produced a breach of contract of $49, and his longest breach of time to reach more than and 20 days. "Sometimes he doesn’t tell me in advance, he told me that I just need to get him the money I got from my bank card." Xiao sang said that the repayment time is short 1 months, long is a year of 3 years. The first half of 2016, small mulberry learned that Huang uses multiple identity of the students loans, has more than ten million yuan in arrears. "Then he repeatedly find me a loan, is to repayment is rob Peter to pay Paul." Money money without stint Wang Zheng (a pseudonym) said, in October last year, his friend Huang Shuai said to use his personal information to registered users of APP loans and loans. Wang Zheng said, and later learned that Huang handsome to borrow money for online gambling. Huang Shuai Wang personal information on the use of more than and 10 lending platform on the loan of more than 50 thousand yuan. Wang Zheng said that the reason to continue to lend money to Huang Shuai, is hoping he can stand up and win the money back. Wang Zheng said, this summer, and Huang together, received several reminders of SMS, and urged Huang Huang said repayment, but what’s the hurry hurry, overdue is all right. "He’s a real luxury." Xiao sang said that Huang Shuai love to buy expensive brand-name clothes and.相关的主题文章: