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18 year old boy addicted to the network broadcast network red gifts owe 200 thousand red net usury opening, Indoorsman have practical gifts, including antony. From June to date, he has spent nearly 80 thousand yuan on the network platform. Antony has just turned 18 years old this year, working in Guangdong Foshan city Chancheng Zhangcha a factory, he every day to spend a few hours to watch the webcast, listen to "red" singing, sometimes also can see the rise of interactive chat, will charge money gifts to these "red net". Antony said, he began to 9 months from the end of June, the average daily in the network broadcast platform takes gifts over the 1000 yuan. Asson indulge network anchor, almost every day to give gifts to anchor but Antony is just a ordinary factory workers, a monthly salary of only 2000 yuan, while his parents are ordinary wage earners, the family was not rich, he what ho throw daughter cost? Liu said, are looking for a colleague in the factory by. In order to make a female anchor, before actually borrowing due to colleagues Antony Antony and their parents to rent, borrow money, did not consult with your parents before, until September 25th this year, the creditor dunning, with a total of 195 thousand and 300 yuan, Antony’s parents knew children because the obsession with network red, huge debt owed. After the reporter found the creditors of Mr Liu, he said, it is I wish you love, is also the IOU signed by himself without forcing Antony. As of September 25th this year, with Antony were borrowed nearly 200 thousand yuan but the lawyer said that although asson borrow money under 18 years old, but already have the capacity for civil conduct, so the loan should be effective, but Antony and the other agreed interest was four times higher at an annual interest rate of bank loans, is usury. Lawyer Wu Bin: if the agreement is a monthly interest of 30%, the monthly interest of 100 thousand yuan per month, this is in violation of the provisions of the law of interest, is too high for the 30 thousand. Then this agreement is invalid. Wu lawyers believe that Antony need only to repay the principal and the corresponding interest to the other party. Eventually, Mr. Liu Antony and creditors consultation, the consent of the other party can recover the principal. (source: News Editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: