2017 CCTV Spring Festival evening show the public collection force into the hot words – Entertainmen-sunny came home

2017 CCTV Spring Festival evening show "the public collection force into the hot words – Sohu   entertainment; the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival officially began for the community to collect all kinds of programs (Bai Mawen) Sohu   entertainment news CCTV Spring Festival evening; distance of 2017 chicken only less than 100 days, following the Spring Festival director Yang Dongsheng exposure, chicken Spring Festival Office was established and the language class the program began collecting after October 31st, CCTV announced the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala started for the community to collect all kinds of programs, collecting time by December 31st. According to CCTV dispatch, collecting programs including all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, Hongkong, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan; all over the world are willing to participate in the 2017 Spring Festival Gala creation of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, students, groups and individuals, professional actors and amateur actors etc.. Various types of programmes the public solicitation variety: songs, dance, acrobatics, magic, comedy, comic, creative performances for stage performances, TV shows all forms of art are invited to solicit, almost covers the calendar year of the various forms of program. Last year the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the general director Lv Yitao had all the community oriented public solicitation program, "starring Liuxiaolingtong and cast the journey to the west" in the online high voice, but does not appear in the final stage, therefore, the year of the monkey CCTV Spring Festival Gala was much netizens questioned. This year’s open call to make, users will give advice and suggestions, behind Luhan and Huang Zitao small meat dedication Gala, users also guess collective Spring Festival gala evening this year, Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui said in an interview "the power" will become popular vocabulary, and predicted that "the universe" probably will appear in the Feng Gong and Cai Ming show "familiar face" in the works.相关的主题文章: