U.S. Osprey aircraft first flew to Japan Chiba people questioned the safety headache怎么读�

U.S. Osprey aircraft first flew to Japan Chiba people questioned the safety of new network on 24 October, according to Japanese media reports, 24 this month, the U.S. military deployment in the Futenma air station (located in Ginowan, Okinawa county) of the new transport Osprey flew was chosen as the base of the regular maintenance on the defense team Kisarazu station (Chiba Prefecture Kisarazu). According to reports, in addition to measuring the noise of the station in order to investigate the impact on the surrounding, the mayor Watanabe Yoshikuni also personally multiplied by the safety of the confirmation. According to Japan’s defense equipment Hall said, this is the "Osprey" for the first time to fly to Japan in Chiba county. Regular maintenance of the station is expected to begin in January next year or so, the city had asked for an early measurement of noise. "Osprey" originally planned in April this year to Chiba, but the schedule is delayed due to the u.s.. The same day, the resident flew two osprey, including a hover or use wing in the station hovered about 40 minutes, by the Ministry of defense staff determined the noise level. After the deployment of large transport helicopters in the CH-47 on the same conditions of flight. The data will be compared. U.S. ambassador Caroline Kennedy also visited the station and talks with Watanabe. Caroline said: "to be able to carry out the maintenance of gratitude. The Osprey is flying for the implementation of humanitarian support tasks, because of having such (for maintenance) facilities that have completed the task." Watanabe said: "we must let the public understand their safety," and I hope to take this into account."相关的主题文章: