Men’s rings around the Beijing mass advertising messages caused by 200 thousand user information int 残清1864

The man around the Beijing five mass advertising messages to 200 thousand user information interruption – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) 35 year old Sohn driving a hotel security, the use of pseudo base mass advertising messages, resulting in nearly 200 thousand user interrupt information. Yesterday morning, Sohn accused of disrupting the order of radio communications management in Shunyi court trial. Sohn court sentenced to imprisonment for one year and fined 2000 yuan. The indictment shows that in September 26th last year, in a certain way in Shunyi District, Sohn in his driving car, by setting up a radio station to send information to the surrounding mobile phone users. By the masses, investigation personnel on the spot and arrested him, and seized bulk SMS, antenna and so on in the car crime equipment. It was found that the equipment involved did not apply for radio license, are unauthorized set up, the use of radio stations. After identification, the equipment involved in the incident sent a short message on the day of the number of users caused by the interruption of 195820. Prosecutors believe that Sohn’s behavior should be in order to disrupt the order of radio communication management of criminal responsibility. Sohn pleaded guilty in court. He said he ran black car in Shijingshan a few months ago by a friend, met with several men in Henan accent, agreed on the package under the sun the sun by car, Moujia equipped with a pseudo base station equipment car along the road to send text messages, SMS content is on behalf of the industry invoice, every day to 500 yuan fee. Pseudo base station is the boss to give, I do not know him, the contents of the device are also set up each other. As long as I am responsible for opening the host switch and computer switch, SMS sent directly out." Sohn pulled the device for more than and 40 days, usually along the north to the north ring, can send about 100 thousand messages a day, profit of about $15 thousand. Sohn’s lawyer believes that Sohn is the crime instigated by others, the pseudo base station equipment for ordinary people more difficult, he did not consider to let the incident belongs to indirect intention, hope for a lighter punishment. After the court found that Sohn’s behavior constitutes a crime of disrupting the order of radio communications management. In view of the fact that Sohn truthfully confessed after appearing in court, according to their sentences. Sohn court sentenced to 1 years imprisonment and fined 2000 yuan. Sohn said they did not appeal in court.相关的主题文章: