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Add poppy spicy oil in a restaurant owner in Chengdu was arrested (Figure) – Beijing, law enforcement officers dealt with the poppy restaurant spicy oil in the research shows that long-term consumption of added poppy food will appear chills, sweating, fatigue, and other symptoms of severe emaciation with sallow complexion; may cause damage to the nerve. System, digestive system, endocrine disorders and other symptoms can appear even, eventually addictive, has the potential of drug addiction tendency. Law enforcement officers said that if the Hot pot and eat stewed products suspected, to report complaints, you need to leave less than 50 ml of juice (preferably taking the lower little oil soup), promptly report to the local food and drug regulatory authorities, or to the local drug testing institution or the Public Security Bureau of criminal technology laboratory component analysis. "Eat also want to eat, do not eat bad", if this makes it difficult to extricate themselves "delicacy", perhaps to chowhound more intelligence, which is not necessarily the chef craft how subtle, but there are food may be illegal to add poppy shell. Recently, the public to report a food shop Huaxing street, immediately involved in the investigation of law enforcement officers after receiving the report, found in a pot of spicy oil in suspected poppy shell material. Test results show that the spicy oil containing papaverine, noscapine, thebaine and other ingredients. The shop owner has been arrested. Law enforcement officers: decisive attack spicy oil suspected of poppy shell material every lunch and dinner rush hour, Huaxing Street restaurant waiter at the door in almost All seats are occupied., showmanship, kitchen spatula jingle…… Around the office of a steady flow of customers, each restaurant is a day after day competition cooking. However, in Huaxing Street No. 63 Building 1 1 layers of No. 1 "taste on food shop" in this competition in "foul". Recently, there are consumers to report this Chinese restaurant suspected of adding poppy seeds in food. Jinjiang District market and Quality Supervision Bureau received a report quickly involved in the investigation, and in mid July joint Jinjiang District Public Security Bureau of food and Drug Crime Investigation Brigade investigators into the field inspection. According to law enforcement personnel, to inspect the store kitchen condiment area, a bowl of oil light color caused the attention of investigators with. Spicy oil with sesame, aroma, what did not seem strange, investigators with a spoon to stir, spicy oil with flaws, spoon salvaged suspected poppy shell material, and the size of Pecan almost. Law enforcement officers immediately to the shop by refining suspected of containing poppy shell chili oil 1.5 kg, 2 kg of cooked pork ribs on-site sampling. Jinjiang District market and Quality Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers and the Jinjiang District Public Security Bureau of food and Drug Crime Investigation Brigade investigators also involved personnel according to the law of the inquiry, after a preliminary investigation, the illegal plot has been suspected to constitute a crime, the Jinjiang District market and quality management bureau investigation immediately, and on the day of the case will be transferred to the Chengdu municipal public security Jinjiang Branch Bureau for further investigation. The restaurant owner confessed: fold the ear相关的主题文章: