Hunan man claiming to be Deputy Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs to shovel thing in the n 三色网

Hunan man claiming to be Deputy Minister of the Ministry of state security in the name of "shovel" cheat 675 network October 8th news Changsha Wanhong (time news reporter Zheng Tao) in recent years, the sale of counterfeit, certificates, the state security organ identity occurred many times in Hunan Province, the state security organ staff fake swagger hit illegal and criminal activities of fraud, serious violations of people’s legitimate the interests of the state security organs, damage the image and reputation. November 2015 to May 2016, Hunan Province, the national security agency joint public security organs in the province organized a clean-up remediation fake activities special action, investigated and dealt with a number of counterfeit cases. Kang Dali, male, Hunan, Changsha, foreign minister of the national security department. In March 2016, the name of Kang, Deputy Minister of national security under the banner of "hard" claimed to be able to help others and solve problems, to the collection of works, "" project contract "" shovel thing "name, has defrauded Tangmou couple 6 million 750 thousand yuan. Yan Siyou, male, Hunan, Linli, claiming to be the National Security Bureau of Changde. From March 2015 to March 2016, the Secretary of the Yan posing as the National Security Bureau of Changde, met a woman, and the woman’s favor and trust, the two have maintained improper sexual relations, during intercourse, the Yan in the name of defrauding the woman RMB 80 yuan. Wang Yanhui, female, Hunan Xiangtan. Since March 2015, the Wang Tanmou together with her husband (at large), Guo Jie et al., many forged, the people’s police state security organs trading license, reconnaissance certificate racketeering. Jin Xianglin, male, Anhui, Xiuning, foreign claiming to be Deputy Minister of the Ministry of national security retired cadres. In October 2015, the fake gold Deputy Minister of national security, a company involved in our province to attract cooperation projects, was timely detected, did not succeed. Hunan Province, the state security organs and public security organs, in obtaining conclusive and sufficient evidence, in accordance with the law of Kang Dali, Yan, Wang Yanhui, Jin Xianglin and other four four were reviewed, four had confessed to the illegal and criminal behaviors to engage in. At present, Wang Yanhui, Yan Siyou, three people have been approved by the procuratorial organs in accordance with the law, the case is under further investigation. Jin Xianglin was to be ". The implementation of the November 1, 2014 "People’s Republic of China anti spyware law" provisions of the state security organs staff in the mission shall enjoy priority, access to special places, such as exemption to special powers. Some criminals by the people’s police, the sale of counterfeit cards, the state security organs reconnaissance certificate, vehicle special pass and uniform logo, or fake functionary of a state security organ and other means of fraud, illegal profit, serious violations of the interests of others, disrupt social order, harm social stability, damage the image and reputation of the state security organs, adverse effects. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" in article 279th, trickster posing as staff of state organs, three years imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years; take charge of police ", according to provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be given a heavier.相关的主题文章: