Beijing Tianjin and Hebei beadhouses pilot recruit elderly subsidy standards consistent with Beijing 瀬名アスカ

Beijing Tianjin and Hebei beadhouses pilot recruit elderly subsidy standards and consistent with the original title: Beijing Tianjin and Hebei Beijing elderly nursing home for the pilot subsidy standard and Beijing central broadcasting network Beijing on November 12th news (reporter Guo Miao Du Zhen Chen Qingbin) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the "civil Administration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development cooperation framework agreement" today to start, according to the provisions of the agreement: Beijing elderly household in Tianjin, Hebei and 3 designated nursing homes can enjoy Medicare reimbursement, pension card will also be allowed to use. In addition, the low, low income and poor urban and rural government security object priority check-in. White aunt is 76 years old this year, children are in a foreign country, after the Spring Festival last year, she and his wife came to Hebei Yanjiao Yanda pension center, flash has been almost two years, reporters from the white and aunt chat to hear, they have been very adapt to such a different pension. White aunt said: "the nursing home has a shuttle bus, send you to China World Trade Center, two times a week, is also responsible for your back. Some of my old friends are dead, not on the nursing home. Beijing, I went to the local two nursing home, it does what you eat, there is no independent right. Medical conditions are not good, this is not close to the hospital." White aunt said he chose to come to Hebei for another reason, is the use of the living space, larger than their own home in Beijing, and the price is also very suitable. "Home style, there are two rooms one hall of the building, a pager, I told my old man Sanshiyiting, we have a habit of him in his room I stayed in my room, and we have two toilets, this is a little better. I spend almost the same money in the city, 10080 people a month, that is, rent. Eighty or ninety of us are from Beijing." However, when the reporter and she talked to the Medicare reimbursement issues, white aunt bluntly, the way is now some inconvenient. Medical reimbursement recently said to change, do not know the change did not change, after the completion of off-site reimbursement, you have to do a procedure, after the consent of our unit, reimbursement is more trouble. He wants you to buckle your Medicare card, Medicare card rebate for three months. From the opening of the emergency room, to the unit reimbursement, can only go to the emergency room, you do not go to the emergency room can not give you." Daily economic news reporter noted that with the start of the Beijing, Tianjin and Civil Affairs cooperative development cooperation framework agreement just to solve the problem of the elderly, such as white aunt Beijing, some remote places of the elderly. Because in accordance with the provisions of the "framework agreement", "the group Hebei Gaobeidian pension project", "Tianjin Wuqing nursing center" and "Hebei Sanhe Yanda International Health City" as the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of pension pilot unit", from now on will recruit pilot households Beijing nationality elderly, and the elderly to stay in Beijing three pension Institute of Tianjin, Hebei can also enjoy Medicare reimbursement and pension card ". The low, low income and poor urban and rural government guarantee object can also give priority to the 3 nursing home stay. Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau will be given in accordance with the economic situation of the elderly and the physical condition of a certain bed subsidies. Cui Kai, vice president of Hebei Yan pension service center, said the standard of subsidies with Beijing pension Peng相关的主题文章: