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The parents of a black face a blush? Don’t kill the child – mother | mother of six Sohu author Kay said kaishushuo a Lolo TERT cop a cop, this is the first black duet is not fair, also shows that the family have the same values. The child is smart, he knows when a black face is acting, he took out the reaction is perfunctory. Take the child as a doll, soft not hard, how long can coax it? Both parents of a cop, a cop, as if this concept in traditional education is very common, "the father and the mother" or "father yanmu" mode of education is a lot of family education standard, the mode of education of children has played a good effect? In the short term, there is. The children feel Chongni at the same time, will feel fear, gradually showed submissive and obedient. However, in the long run, this red black sing education stage has many drawbacks, not only can not solve the fundamental problem, but also derived from many bad consequences. Different standards lead to a double standard of children’s values of parents, it is difficult to establish a clear value for children. When children do something wrong to guide when both parents disagree, a hit a guard, but no communication problems fundamentally itself. So, as time goes by, the child does not know that he did not do wrong, different standards make him lose the right judgment. When the children are not judged when easily opportunistic. Which side of the views of their own good to listen to who. We have always advocated to undermine the parent-child relationship of good family atmosphere can help children to grow up, and the "black face" approach obviously will make the family relationship disorder. Friends a the couple chose the typical "loving" education mode: Dad fierce, mother pet. My heart is very love children, but always keep a straight face in front of the children, is frequently a severe reprimand. In the course of time, "father" and the title as a token to frighten children, when children encounter trouble unruly, the "father" to move out, the little guy is well behaved, stop. This trick, tested. But in the face of this fear of the father, the child does not like to be alone with him. My father always played the role of "black", the children gradually formed a fixed impression on my father, and the father of the relationship more and more cold, even against the rebellion. Apart from the occasional gift will play with him, the other time will only find his mother, mother in the arms shamelessly. To play a bad intention, mostly in order to let the children more obedient, more fear, but gradually to the point of family alienation, and who is willing to play the children detest "black"? "Blush" love can not offset the "bad cop" damage caused by a slap in the face to jujube, when children are one of the parents of the "black" damage, negative effect can offset the damage from the "cop" in love? Research shows that unlikely. Because once hurt, it is difficult to make up. For example, we don’t have a hand.相关的主题文章: