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In addition to black technology, Intel in the backstage and many strokes – Sohu technology for Intel this brand is what you for having heard it many times, the biggest impression? "Lights, lights and other lights ~" it is said that this classic can not be a classic advertising music. Some people say, is what will appear in the "Intel inside" logo and the "Big Bang" fans will say that our God comedy Sheldon (Ultimate geek) also speak a new series of Intel! And perhaps you do not know, over the Sydney Opera House has also played a large Intel logo, and the composition of the logo is actually 100 uavs! It is rich in Silicon Valley and capricious… As a detective, can feel the most is that Intel for the entire chip industry promotion: founded in 1968, Intel is now the world’s largest semiconductor company. In the year of the semiconductor market into the dividend period, the main Intel semiconductor processor sudden change direction, a move in the day after becoming the main provider of hardware industry PC. As is known, the Pentium core processor from Intel’s hands. (Intel Celeron, Pentium and Xeon processor, and a series of) but inspector today to chat, not all these, but Intel’s other big action. New Intel backstage as the world’s top technology companies, Intel in addition to concentrate on semiconductor and processor, also love some black manufacturing technology, play art, science and technology held some activities and performances. Last year, San Francisco Intel meeting, they presented with a 3D printer made dancing spider robot? (Intel spider robot) this step two, the devil’s pace, all the audience is amazing. And at the beginning of this year’s Intel developer conference, they performed a musical performance without a musical instrument. Here, Intel drying out they did not connect the line VR Project Alloy. Project Alloy is not an end product, but a solution, Intel is likely in the second half of 2017 will open source hardware. In this way, the manufacturer can hold it to design and develop their own hybrid fusion Reality (Mixed Merged, MR) head. (Intel independent research and development of Project Alloy, the camera, sensor and processor are all concentrated in the wearing device, no external connection, so that the user can move freely, this is the concept of "all-in-one".) This is the Intel and Microsoft cooperation, the old firm to copy the PC times a brilliant project, they should set the market bigger and more hardware manufacturers MR. Except for some small toys, Intel is also the conference launched a masculine toy. A coquettish motorcycle also debut. This motorcycle uses Intel subsidiary Wi probe相关的主题文章: