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Economic Observer: China’s camp changed to increase what changed? China News Agency, Beijing, September – (reporter Li Xiaoyu) – Camp changed to increase, China’s most difficult in recent years, the most complex tax reform began to take effect 18. The State Administration of Taxation China 18 released data show that business tax reform is fully implemented, the national 5-7 "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" cumulative tax reached 126 billion yuan (RMB, same below), 1-7 month "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" cumulative tax reached 210 billion 700 million yuan. May 1, 2016, China in the construction industry, real estate, financial services and life services industry four fully open camp changed to increase, which is the largest since the establishment of the current government tax cuts. According to the State Administration of taxation data, the full implementation of the camp changed to increase since 6, 7, August, the national tax system organization tax revenue after deducting the export tax rebate, an increase of 3.9%, respectively, -3.3%. Excluding non comparable factors, the 3 month increase in tax revenues decline in echelon. China News Agency reporter in an interview found that short-term tax revenue reduction has been in exchange for China’s economic development momentum". Significantly reduce the burden on enterprises, more funds can be used for investment. Jiangxi Huaneng Ruijin Power Generation Co., Ltd. deputy chief accountant Nie Dongsheng said the company is currently investing nearly 6 billion 800 million yuan expansion, of which construction and installation costs about $40%. Camp changed to increase after the implementation of the deductible tax may be close to 800 million yuan, which means that the company will not pay taxes in the two years after the new project put into operation, more funds can be used for research and development." "Replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) after the project in the offshore construction engineering supervision services and services are exempt from VAT, which is very beneficial to open up overseas markets, China Railway five Bureau of overseas branch chief accountant Wang Qinzhao said, companies strive to with favorable tax policy, to 2020 to achieve 10 billion yuan of overseas business. In addition, the industrial structure is gradually optimized. Camp changed to increase after the full liberalization of the service sector and the second, between the three industries to be linked to the chain, and promote the development of many areas of the service sector, especially producer services. Beijing City, Haidian District tax authorities for a survey of listed companies show that camp changed to increase after the full liberalization of the market, the third board market listed companies pay tax scale rapid growth, further optimize the industrial structure. Xu Benhu, director of Jining Municipal Taxation Bureau, told reporters that only in May this year, in August, the new local service industry taxpayers close to 1800, an increase of more than 9 thousand and 500 people employed in Shandong. From a national point of view, in August the town of 1 million 130 thousand new jobs, 1-8 month cumulative new employment of up to 9 million 480 thousand people, accounting for the annual target of nearly 95%. Camp changed to increase to promote the modern service industry and manufacturing and other real economic docking, to foster economic development momentum to provide tax protection." Central University of Finance and Economics professor Fan Yong said. Some international organizations have also appreciated China’s reforms. Pascal, director of the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) tax policy and management center, told reporters that China’s full implementation of the camp changed to increase the world’s largest tax cuts in recent years, the move)相关的主题文章: