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[manual] you eat dumplings taste sauce? Sohu and delicious soup dumplings, a love bite, thick and delicious soup out of the. Soup dumplings in the south are spread all over the formation of a different flavor, such as Changzhou Weixian, Wuxi sweet, but has a thin skin, delicious taste and steeped in common characteristics, and has also been known in places such as Tianjin, kaifeng. I stayed in Nanjing for a while, at that time, there is not suited to the taste, but the soup dumplings or very love, although for me, Nanjing soup dumplings soup is too thick and sweet. Suddenly want to eat dumplings, for what can stop chowhound, not a love heart! Now even if there is no local food, to eat, then it is very simple, the next single online, the next day to. Thus, a hundred years old delicious home kitchen was born! Take it out of the fridge freezer and steam for 12 minutes. Do not go out to eat authentic delicious! After the small bag steamed shrimp, I suddenly thought, would it be better to eat sauce? Turn the refrigerator, but the flavor of fermented black bean finished, it made some peanut bean sauce. Dumplings sparkling, thin soup of fresh, open bite into a mouth in the soup, eat a whole shrimp, yummy! You will eat dumplings with what sauce?相关的主题文章: