35 ring Chaohu township sewage treatment plant built basically through environmental acceptance 纪元1701

35 Chaohu township sewage treatment plant built through the acceptance of environmental protection according to the Hefei evening news, Hefei City, using DBO (design, construction and operation as a whole) a one-time 35 towns built sewage treatment plants, and through the acceptance of environmental protection, the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the history of the creation of the Hefei model. In October 8th seventy-second, Hefei municipal government executive meeting approved in principle the "Hefei city ring way DBO management facilities project of township sewage treatment in Chaohu (Trial)", and put forward some concrete measures for the operation of sewage treatment facilities. Chaohu township sewage treatment plant which belongs to the Chaohu ecological demonstration area construction of two projects, the construction of township sewage treatment plants (including wetland and supporting pipe network 42, and individual) which has 35 pipeline projects, sewage treatment plant project. It is understood that the Chaohu township sewage treatment plant to take the form of DBO construction, design, construction and operation (8 years) as a whole. Up to now, the basic acceptance of these projects through environmental protection. Lingyun said, Hefei city actively explore and innovation by DBO this form, out of line with the way of management and operation township sewage treatment plant. At the same time, the establishment of the measures is very necessary, is to build a better play the role of sewage treatment facilities. Lingyun, take responsibility to put in place to further strengthen supervision, to some intentional outage, illegal operating units exceed the standard, false data and severely dealt with according to law. Morning news reporter Wang Kai相关的主题文章: