Crazy driver dragged traffic police 2 kilometers of the driver was under criminal detention headache怎么读�

Crazy driver police dragged 2 kilometers the driver was detained in yesterday’s program, we broadcast a Xuzhou traffic police in the enforcement process, is a red card on the top of the driver of the car hood dragged nearly 2 kilometers of news. After the incident, the Xuzhou police attention, night provinces chase the driver, after much effort, the afternoon of October 6th, the man was arrested by police. Police extracted the driver of the vehicle traffic recorder, restore the incident at the time. This is a picture of the recorder, the suspect Wang was driving the vehicle on the screen display, about 17:44 in the afternoon, Wang due to break a single line by the Xuzhou Police Brigade Quanshan police Jin Dianping stopped routine inspection, Kim officer was standing in the front of the car, for Wang to stop for inspection, Wang stay in about 4 seconds, then start driving force to drive, no place to escape when the police officer Kim had to lie on the hood of the car. Then the driver will accelerate crazy to flee northward to Hubei Road, Lake Road North and westward during the retrograde, Wang car tachograph showed the highest speed reached 97 kilometers per hour, the middle turn several times all gold officers narrowly escaped from the hood on the left, until the vehicle again turn back to you on the road, due to the speed of the car too fast, half body gold officers off, the driver looked at Sergeant Kim expression of pain, finally stopped. Subsequently, on the high side of the deputy police officer will get off the car, Wang continued to drive the vehicle fled the scene, a high spot was controlled. After the incident, Xuzhou scenic Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the night by the Bureau of Interpol joint Hubei Road police station set up a task force. After the police investigation found that the suspect fled after the incident in Xuzhou, went to Anhui, Xiaoxian, the police rushed to the night to arrest suspects in Anhui. Police reconnaissance process found that the driver is not the owner himself, through the work of the police to grasp the true identity of the suspect, and rushed to his home for the implementation of arrest, but the suspect continued to flee home. Police do ideological work by their families, October 6th at 3 p.m., the man took the initiative to surrender to the public security organs. After interrogation, the suspect Wang confessed, at noon the same day he and vice driving friends on a high two people to drink some wine, see the police check after the fear of drunk driving checked, confused on the choice of the red card to escape, the police dragged so far he is very afraid. Since the behavior of two people have been arrested for crimes against public service, are currently under police control, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: