Xiao Haidong was fined 50 million limit death squads ultra large cattle Sansi illegal practices full sql server 2000 个人版

Xiao Haidong was fined 50 million limit death squads ultra large cattle Sansi illegal practices full secret – Sohu Securities Commission September 13th issued the administrative penalty on Xiao Haidong’s decision, after investigation, January 29, 2015 ~7 month 14 days, Xiao Haidong control using xiaomou Chang and 7 securities account and xiaomou Chang and 7 credit accounts, Xiao Haidong admitted control and use of the accounts involved and operate most of the accounts. The Commission found that Xiao Haidong manipulation of light cable (300265), such as the behavior of the behavior of the stock price of the stock market to manipulate the securities market, confiscate the illegal income of $13 million 410 thousand, and impose a fine of $40 million 240 thousand 12 yuan. In fact, there have been a lot of super cattle scattered manipulation of the stock price phenomenon occurs, the penalty is not in the minority, and some even because of repeated manipulation of the stock price was fined 5 times the top grid penalty. In this regard, there are private sources, super cow loose easily manipulate small cap stocks, generally have their own process, and its technique is the use of small It differs from man to man., but scattered village, with the village, looking for advocating village lift, induced by retail investors to follow up, raise prices, profit from, but not all market manipulation it can achieve the desired effect. The media investment treasure through the death squads of private persons interviewed, four methods to investors exclusive secret super cow loose price manipulation. The way one: false declaration raised the price to sell the operating practices mainly in the opening auction, continuous auction, the city such as trading, through false reporting, continuous reporting boost the stock price, induce other investors to follow up, and then quickly sell at a profit. Media investment treasure noted that as early as March 2012, the Commission on Su Xiang Xiang alleged manipulation of the securities market case investigation. The investigation, July 2010 ~2012 year in May, to control the use of "Su Yan Xiang Su Yan Xiang" 3 accounts, through the opening phase of the auction of false reporting withdrawals, intraday continuous auction stage frequent use of small and large pay pay for reporting transactions, false declaration after the rapid withdrawals and other pushing prices higher, in share prices, other investors buying follow up after the rapid reversal of large sell orders and other ways to sell false declaration manipulation, involving ZOOMLION (000157) and other 13 stocks, profit 3 million 800 thousand yuan. Commission decided to confiscate the illegal income of Su Yan Xiang 3 million 800 thousand yuan and impose a fine of $3 million 800 thousand. November 21, 2012, the Commission on the market manipulation case investigation Wang Jiansen. The investigation, September 10, 2012 ~28, Wang Jiansen using my first lot of buying securities account ST A crown gradually Jiancang, then, to boost the stock price dropped down opportunistic phased shipments, late lift closing price manipulation and other techniques to manipulate ST Victor A by opening a false declaration manipulation, manipulating intentions clear, resulting in the abnormal changes in the amount of stock, period rose with the broader market deviation reached 15.57%. But because of poor market performance over the same period, it failed to induce enough individual investors, Wang Jiansen account during this period a total of 46 million 200 thousand yuan to buy ST A crown, the accumulated losses of 320 thousand yuan. In this regard, the Commission decided to impose a fine of 600 thousand yuan Wang Jiansen. In addition, the Commission in 20;相关的主题文章: