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Michelle Chen sun eat ice cream pregnant women can eat cold drink? Sohu maternal and child yesterday (August 29th), Michelle Chen micro-blog drying out a life photo, photo of an ice cream in front of holding an ice cream in front of her, the mood is not good enough to be in the face of. She attached a document called the first time they squeeze cream (ice cream), good thick (eat) or not! The beautiful people who broke me all looked good". The following users have commented: "baby don’t eat ice cream", "the most beautiful woman", "is the baby to eat, mothers should pay more attention to rest Yo" and "mother to eat ice cream oh"…… Look! So many users concerned about Michelle Chen is a pregnant mother can eat ice cream. So in the end pregnant women can not eat ice cream, good for the body? Mothers can eat ice-cream drink? This can not be generalized, strictly speaking, pregnant healthy women of course can eat ice cream. But remember not to eat. Let us first look at the cold drink on the body, the mother will choose whether to eat or not to eat it. Pregnant women’s stomach is very sensitive to cold stimulation. Eat cold drinks can cause gastrointestinal sudden contraction of blood vessels, reduce gastric secretion, reduce digestive function, causing loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, and even cause stomach cramps, abdominal pain phenomenon. Also, pregnant women’s nose and throat, trachea and other respiratory mucosa hyperemia often accompanied by edema, if a large number of gluttony cold, with a sudden contraction of blood vessels, reduce blood, reduce local resistance can cause, the latent bacteria in the throat, trachea, nasal, oral and virus to human, caused by sore throat, cough, dumb headache. Serious when can cause upper respiratory tract infection or induced tonsillitis. It was found that the fetus is extremely sensitive also to cold stimulation, when pregnant women drink cold drinks, the fetus in the womb will be restless, quickening becomes frequent. Therefore, pregnant women eat cold drinks must be restrained. Pregnant women Tanliang cold drink when how to do? Appetite for the opening of the mother during pregnancy, often have to eat a cold drink, in fact, these foods can be replaced by a cold drink. Yogurt: in addition to milk, pregnant mothers can also drink a little more than the honey yogurt, help to improve their immunity. Compared to milk, yogurt taste is more likely to be accepted by pregnant mothers. Grapefruit: can relieve the mother of gestational diabetes and pregnancy vomiting. Apple has Shengjinzhike, lungs, spleen and other effects, can promote gastrointestinal conditioning, renal function, its aroma can also treat emotional depression. In addition, there is a quasi mother of constipation, may wish to try. Sohu maternal reminder of pregnant women, as a special group, in the daily diet, should not only pay attention to strengthening nutrition, appropriate to eat nutritious food, and dietary cooking, food hygiene and food selection and other aspects, should note, and gave birth to a healthy and intelligent life, help students.相关的主题文章: