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Along with Professor Landon to travel – tourism Sohu recently, movie starring Tom Hanks Dante "code" was released in China, if you are not clear about the series, said that 10 years ago, "the Da Vinci code" and 09 years "angels and demons" you have seen, this movie is it the protagonist is our natural sequel, Robert · Landon, the full professor of religious symbols, have to say, Xiao Bian still love to see this type of film, the Gon Vinci code just saw it 5 times. These films are based on "Dan · Brown " by the" · Landon "series adaptation, interested partners can go to see the original. Planing to plot aside, this movie is really a piece of scenery in Europe, while the main shoot is selected in the Florence and the two Venice historic city, then follow the "Professor Landon" together to see what are worth visiting. Florence cathedral cathedral is a symbol of Florence, is the tallest building in the city of Florence, is the world’s fourth largest Catholic Church, it is not only a grand scale, the more important is that it is representative of the early Renaissance architecture. Campanile di Giotto Campanile di Giotto is located in the cathedral near Florence is facing the baptism of John, the famous painter Giotto design, so it is also called the Campanile di Giotto (Campanile di Giotto). The tower style is Gothic, square plane as the perimeter of 14.45 meters, the four angle is 84.7 meters high and four polygonal buttress, four vertical lines and four horizontal lines split, the whole building is full of rich and colorful marble sculpture, mosaic, its spectacular architecture and ingenious the design won the praise of many art lovers. Michelangelo square, Michelangelo square (Piazzale Michelangelo) is located in Florence city at the southern end of the Highlands, standing in the square, overlooking the panoramic views of the Florence City, due to Florence square, the symbol of the statue of David, Michelangelo square has become the first station of many tourists travel to Florence in the beginning. Casa di Dante Casa di Dante is the city of a small house humble, because here the birth of the Great Renaissance pioneer Dante is famous for government and was opened as a museum to commemorate the great man. In the house stocked with some publications Dante’s family pictures and then the family situation, books and literature on Dante Dante inside the library is in possession of the world published here will be held from time to time, Dante’s seminar. The Renaissance or of Dante interested friends can look at, if not interested here will feel very boring. Plazza San Marco, Venice, Venice (Italian: Piazza San Marco) is the Central Plaza in Italy. In Venice, Plazza San Marco is the only known as "Piazz"相关的主题文章: