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He Jie is happy to work together to wake up: only he can be so devastated by He Jie in November 12th, [micro-blog] will be held at the Beijing Workers Stadium concert. The birth of her second child in a year’s time to bring you back to the original state when the super girl contest. For the current state of their own, He Jie feel fine, "is a gym, and also because after so many things, has a family of two children. After all the things I should do, I should try to focus on my own time, feel like a man." The concert will be very cooperative and awakening burning He Jie’s daughter in November 7th, just after the first birthday. The 12 day, He Jie will stand in the stadium hall concert, the stage can only say that this freaky good fight! Countdown to enter the concert these days, she was most worried about is not forget the lyrics do not forget the action. Too long did not dance, but also for too long did not allow fans to see the dance, or attach great importance to this part of the hope that they can have a good state to show. The concert down, the physical test is very large, from beginning to end, it is estimated that there is no idle time. The teacher said you musicians, this concert is not gonna kill yourself? I said yes, I also think that is to play is the limit." The whole concert is dominated by fast songs, slow songs are only a small part. "I just want to be friends, is to play, not to listen to who’s concert, we had a good time, I was a dance." He Jie invited many friends wake up [micro-blog] as a guest performer, wake up the guests a little "bad luck", because not only to sing, but also dance. "And wake up cooperation can be happy, must be able to burn up. He’s the only one who can be raped. He said, basically, after the cooperation, we do not want to be friends with me. But we did it eight hundred times. Links we are still very special, every time he and I can imagine the rehearsal, the audience saw the plot when screaming. It’s definitely a surprise." After losing weight to lose weight on the success of fitness a few months ago, He Jie determined to lose weight 30 pounds on the micro-blog to lose weight for 90 days, do not come down from the entertainment circle. Today, He Jiezhen’s thin down, she admitted that at the time did not really believe that they can thin down, step by step, came to a serious, after the beginning of thin, like the fitness of this thing. "I really didn’t think I could ever get thinner because I was a very easy person to make excuses for myself. Before is lazy, perhaps to find every kind of diet pills, I sat there, meat will be able to say goodbye. Now it is on a healthy diet and reasonable exercise will lose weight, daily weight, body weight at a point to point out. I now have the fitness as a fun, if two days did not go, the heart will spontaneously want to go, this state and the fitness as a weight loss task is not the same." Weight loss tips He Jie is very simple, in addition to professional nutritionist and fitness coach to lose weight, dance and boxing. Only need to do their own good do not know whether it is because of weight loss success相关的主题文章: