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I hope this can replace the referee robot Curitiba throw – [introduction] sports Sohu. Even in NBA, some of the decisions on the court referee also raised the question, and with the development of science and technology, the future robot referee may appear in the NBA arena, in an interview recently, Curitiba said that he supported the robot go to law enforcement against NBA. Source: tiqiu recommended reading: $66 million bankruptcy declared when teammate rice can not stop squandering robots support curry in San Francisco recently attended a referee technical activity before Yao Ming, who talked about the development of science and technology of home court scene, so quickly today, the theory of speaking, the robot was able to match the NBA law enforcement. Whether we should support the robot to replace the referee? This library jokingly said, "I hope so, but this way, I have to put my braces at the new invention." Obviously, curry in support of the new technology, but also did not forget to referee a joke. Sixth finals this year, from the end of the game when there are 4 minutes and 22 seconds, James caused a library of sixth fouls. For the referee, Curitiba very dissatisfied, angry protest to the referee, but got a technical foul. Subsequently, angry braces are directly thrown out with curry, a fan hit, this process is the referee found, then gave the library a technical foul, so the library because two technical fouls sent off, it was his first career occupation was sent. For the throw braces event, curry is still fresh. Prior to this, NBA President Adam – Xiao Hua has said, NBA referee 90% blow penalty is correct, the referee is part of the game is wrong. Even if the best players make mistakes, the referee will be the case. Curitiba want robots to replace the idea may not be realized soon. You may also love God: wave iron and blood cap was singled out because the original idol God cry Rondo Miami wave training photo exposure his new season to rise again相关的主题文章: