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Gaining new knowledge! Do you think that the name of cosmetics is called? – Fashion – People’s original title: up posture! Do you think that the name of cosmetics is called? Since on the make-up of this road enthusiasts, how many sister paper and small part to consumer desire endless cosmetics in buy buy buy on the road to stop? Even if the end of the month was empty wallet eat soil has become a reality of the situation, a Chanel or Dior for lipstick perfume can let himself in bed for a long time at full laughing ~ almost half a dresser a lipstick, do not know how many times I have unloaded the makeup ready to go to sleep that is difficult to suppress all the color of lipstick in beauty lips on it by the way pick out time tomorrow I will love which a beauty? Looking through the bag, it must be filled with a variety of brand products. However, do you know the origin of their names? Next, along with Xiaobian together to explore some of the mystery of the origin of the name of the u.s.! NARS NARS is based on its brand founder – French photographer Fran OIS Nars named, in 1994 founded the United States professional makeup brand. NARS with the most classic black, plus the Logo to show the brand personality of minimalist spirit. Fashion stage background background, so that Nars in color, creativity, color on the display, until the product counters are quite stylish packaging. Maybelline Maybelline is the name of the American chemist Williams’s sister’s name (Maybel) and vaseline (Vaseline) in the second half. Maybelline New York was founded in 1917, produced the world’s first modern eye cosmetics: Maybelline New York Mascara (Maybelline Cake). Today, Maybelline New York has become a legendary global cosmetics pioneer company. In more than and 90 countries and cities around the world, Maybelline New York has become the first company to produce cosmetics and skin care products for women. Has 99 years of brand history. Maybelline New York (Maybelline New York) provides professional makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup products. Maybelline in New York Chinese sale of pure mineral oil foundation sales ranked first, and the establishment of the first production to help improve skin mineral powder production line. Maybelline New York was established in New York city on the skin, to study effect of city living environment on the skin of women, at the same time for the city will be a series of skin, seeds of formula of skin care products from production, to explore the nature of force of purification of the skin, keep the skin natural beauty. Lanc me Paris Lancome was born in France in 1935, is a brand created by Armand Petitjean (Amanda), the name originated in a name Le Chateau de Lancosm) in相关的主题文章: