The shark died on the island of Xiamen beach scarred dolphins hit or died-驯龙高手dm456

The shark died on the island of Xiamen beach died of wounds or scars all over white dolphins hit, lying motionless on the beach. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Zhang Yanyu Lin Luran) it was a crescent shaped white belly, tail, but covered with scars, lying motionless on the beach, the body is full of rubble and broken shells. It began to rot, let the flies in the body bite, odor filled the ferry. It’s whale? Shark? Or a dolphin? Yesterday morning, Chen found in the vicinity of the first dock ferry of an unidentified fish body with doubt he call the newspaper hotline 968820, the reporter then visited. The white shark "turned belly scarred" Mr. Chen told reporters yesterday morning at 9:30 pm, after he first ferry wharf, far to see a whole body white fish on the beach, was approached, it was dead. 11 am, reporters rushed to the scene saw it onto his back and covered with scars, about two or three meters in length. Nearby fishermen said he saw the fish lying on the beach at 7 in the morning. "It’s not a whale. It’s not a dolphin. It’s a shark." Marine three researchers Wang Xianyan said after identification. In addition, the fishery Master Mo captain and other fishermen are further identified, this is the only white shark. It is understood that the average adult white body length between 4~5.9 meters, and the shark’s body length is small, it is inferred that the juvenile white shark. On or after fighting with dolphins killed the little white shark is how to die? In its body, peeling off the skin, there are a lot of scars, there are fishermen guess, it died or had a tragic battle. Due to the discovery of white shark waters is a provincial Chinese White Dolphin protection area, so the small white dolphins may have been hit "". When a dolphin meets a shark, a group of dolphins often gets the upper hand. In order to identify the location and direction of the dolphin, the main reason is that the ultrasonic echo location system. This is the magic sound of sound waves on the shark body piercing ", the dead white shark had encountered in or dolphin" chorus "lost the battle. Experienced mental torture, the shark then may touch Shanghai pigs, organized the siege. The dolphins will use its tail sharks out of the side of the body surface, then turns with strong nose hit the shark. The shark bone soft, visceral protection ability difference, dolphins can seize the key, to hit, don’t let sharks have respite until it crashed into the internal organs so far. However, these are just fishermen guess, little white shark is how to die, is still a mystery. [link] the first dock found rare white shark, according to fishery Master Mo captain, first appeared in the waters near the pier this extremely rare white shark. They are generally distributed in the Taiwan shoal, the latest from Xiamen, where are waters kinmen. The small white source is discussed by nearby fishermen, some people say that this is the people bought from the market after the release, but opponents believe that the market is almost no white sharks, dogfish, most people think.相关的主题文章: