Students will recite the first 70 ancient poetry and interpretation, must be collected – Sohu mother-naughty怎么读

The pupils will back to ancient poetry and the interpretation of the first 70, the Sohu must be maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting Manual 1, Jiangnan (Han Dynasty) [original] south to lotus, lotus Yehe Tian tian. Fish play lotus leaf fish play lotus leaf East, West, South fish play lotus leaf, fish play lotus leaf [North] understanding of young men and women in the lush lotus lotus river, in the river of growth, some fish in lotus leaves between the shuttle back. The fish while You Xiangdong, a tour of the west, a tour to the south, while the North tour, free, happy and pleased with oneself. 2, folk song (the northern folk song) [original] chilechuan, Yinshan, days like Qionglu, energy-saving. Gray days, the vast field, low wind and see grass and sheep. [] people understand the field of life in Chile at the foot of Yinshan Mountain, the sky like felt tent over a vast land. The boundless sky, boundless grassland, when the big wind blowing grass low, livestock grazing is revealed. 3, the geese (Luo) [original] goose, goose, goose, song Tiange, white floating green, Anthurium dial shiba. [understanding] "Xia Xia – Oh, oh," what a beautiful goose! A curved neck looks up to the sky to sing the praises of. White hair, green water, a pair of red soles, gently, with two rows of clear water. 4, the wind (Li Jiao) [original] solution three falling autumn leaves, able to spend in February. Over a thousand feet into the river, into the bamboo pole tilt. [understanding] wind, make late autumn the leaves fall off, can urge the open flowers in early spring in February, when it passes through the rivers off thousands of feet waves, guajin bamboo to 000 bamboo tree blown askew. 5, the willow (He Zhizhang) [original] Jasper makeup into a tree, 10000 dropped the green silk sash. I do not know who is cut out of Verbena? February spring like scissors. [understanding] such as jade like Jasper new willow Posuo, numerous soft wicker hanging down like a ribbon. Who cut the slender willow leaf? The original February spring breeze is a magic scissors. 6, Liangzhou (Wang Zhihuan) [original] the Yellow River is far on the clouds, a lonely city maninsan. Qiangdi why blame willows, spring breeze of Yumen Pass. [the Yellow River] to understand the flowing far white cloud, alone in a border town stands on the high mountains and lofty hills. The soldiers blew she played. Why complain "folding willow" spring breeze blowing, the warmth to the border of yumen. 7, Deng guanquelou (Wang Zhihuan) [original] the sun sets behind the mountain, The Yellow River seawards flows. You can enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height。 When the sun goes down the mountain, the water of the Yellow River flows to the sea. The more spectacular scenery to see thousands of miles away, it would have to get on the floor. 8, Chunxiao (Meng Haoran) [original] spring dawn, hear birds singing everywhere. The sound of wind and rain, whispering? [understand] spring night sleep imperceptibly dawn wake up everywhere have heard birds chirping. Remember last night to hear the sound of wind and rain, who knows the full bloom of the flowers withered how many paintings相关的主题文章: