Hubei recent continuous dry and less severe drought will be artificial rainfall-caxa实体设计

Hubei recent continuous dry and little rain drought will be artificial rainfall since July 21 sunrise Mei, the province’s rainfall is low, the temperature is high, resulting in a large area of meteorological drought in the province. 18, 19, the rain finally patronize the severe drought in Western hubei. Meteorological department revealed that the provincial meteorological department will seize favorable weather conditions in the western and northern areas to carry out artificial rainfall operations to ease the drought in the western region. Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau, since July 21 sunrise Mei, the province’s most parts of the rainfall of less than three to 90%, the high temperature of the high temperature of -2.7 DEG C. Northwest Shiyan, especially this year, less precipitation, severe drought. Since August 10th, the average rainfall in Shiyan area is only 45.2 mm, for the year 1960 has a complete record of the history of the least. Wuhan Regional Climate Center Senior Engineer Liu Kequn introduction, since July 26th, our province in Northwest Hubei Province Meteorological Bureau has the rain weather rocket artillery precipitation, to carry out artificial precipitation ground 78 times in Shiyan, the cumulative effect of 12 thousand square kilometers in arid region, the precipitation increased about 42 million tons, alleviated the drought. This period is mainly due to local convective clouds, the operating conditions are not very favorable, so I have no specific arrangements, before the aircraft rainfall operations. But from the current weather trend analysis, this weekend in our province in the northwest of Hubei Province is expected to increase over the clouds, we plan to start artificialprecipitation operation instructions, if weather conditions are right, the timely "machine" to "borrow rain", will depend on drought and artificialprecipitation operation may have a month long time. In recent days, I dry and little rain, the public was unwell. Sunday is expected, by upper level fluctuations and the impact of typhoon, the city will have a showery precipitation process, will slightly ease dry air. Yesterday is the twenty-four solar term in the autumnal equinox". Our city yesterday morning temperatures, but also indicates the arrival of the autumnal equinox: yesterday morning Wuhan minimum temperature is only 15.9 degrees, 3.2 degrees lower than before the world, again to refresh the record low in Jiangcheng since September. For the next two days, get a little hot. From today to Sunday, Wuhan is cloudy, the temperature rebounded slightly. Tomorrow the maximum temperature 30 degrees -32 degrees Celsius, sooner or later 19 degrees -21 degrees Celsius, summer is still feeling. Specific forecast: today’s the day, sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 19 DEG -30 DEG, easterly 2 to 3; this evening to tomorrow daytime, cloudy, temperature of 21 DEG -32 DEG, easterly 2 to 3; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow cloudy with showers, temperature of 23 DEG -28 DEG, easterly 2 to 3.相关的主题文章: