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Science There are some good brand telescopes out there! There are also some brands which you should be careful of. In this article we will look at some of the top brands in astronomy, and look at how you can buy a telescope that will provide years of fun. As you read every word of this article, you will soon find out more about: * The Top 3 Brands For Telescopes * Which Brand To Buy? * Getting The Most Out Of Astronomy * The Top 3 Brands For Telescopes There are many different telescope brands available at the moment. Some produce and sell ten’s of thousands of telescopes each year, and some produce and sell only a few. What matters is that when you buy the telescope, that it will function properly for you, and allow you to get a lot out of astronomy. In my opinion the biggest brand at the moment is Meade telescopes, second being Celestron, and third I put as Orion. These manufacturers are proven with many years of experience in the manufacture of these scientific instruments. The most important aspect is a sturdy telescope with good optics, and these .panies have proven that. Considering that they have been in business for a long time, especially Meade and Celestron, with many raving fan customers, it goes to show. Another way you can tell a good brand is when observatories start to buy and use the telescopes. Currently a few small observatories around the world utilize the scientific instruments from these .panies. This does not mean they are the only brands with great products, but they are the most known, and provide many different models which caters for all different needs. * Which Brand To Buy? Even though each of these telescope manufacturers produce a variety of telescopes that meet different needs, such as telescopes for children, for amateur astronomers, and small observatories, the key point to your decision will .e down to your own needs. One aspect to look at is setting a budget. I strongly suggest against buying a telescope for under $100. It is not even an investment! When you buy a good telescope, you can be sure that if looked after, you can always return for years, and still get amazing views of the heavens. Take a look at what you want out of astronomy. What would you like to do? Do you want to look once in a while or do you want to jump into astronomy, and see the beauty of the universe? A good telescope for beginners will generally have a price tag of $200-$400. At this price range, you can expect to get a good scientific instrument. Though it won’t parallel with the Hubble Space Telescope, you still can be sure to get some amazing views of the heavens. * Getting The Most Out Of Astronomy One of the biggest problems I see time and time again, when people start to get into astronomy, is that they buy a telescope, point it up at the Moon, then a star, and wonder what to do next! Now a good suggestion is to get a good practical astronomy book, one that will show you how to go from beginner to intermediate. The alternative is GoTo .puterized telescopes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: