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Home-and-Family A cedar deck box usually serves as additional storage, either indoors or out, and sometimes provides extra seating, as well. The concept of a hope chest isn’t terribly popular anymore, but for families that cherish tradition, a cedar deck box can also provide a highly functional housing for a hope chest. A hope chest is a wooden chest or box traditionally used for collecting special items a woman will need for married life. In this day, women often move out of their parents’ homes before marriage. Parents could always opt to include items that would serve a woman in running her own household, regardless of whether she’s single or married. A cedar deck box makes a good container for these items for several reasons. (1) It’s strong enough to hold the items. (2) It’s attractive. (3) Natural oils in the wood repel insects and provide protection for items stored inside. If you like the idea of starting a hope chest for your daughter, start with the container. Once you find the perfect one, you can begin to build up the items inside. You can do this in several ways. You can pick up things as you see them. Maybe you see a household item that you would love to give your daughter someday. Or maybe you see a high-quality item on sale. You don’t plan your buys, but as you find the right pieces, you pick them up. You can also approach the building of the stockpile from a more planned angle. Make a list of items you wish to include, and plan a time when you will shop for each. You might choose to buy one item a year, or one item every six months. As you bring home each item, store it in the cedar deck box you have selected. If you don’t care about the items being a surprise, allow your daughter to help select items. If you need ideas of items to include in the hope chest, consider some of these: blankets or quilts, special serving dishes, hand-embroidered pillowcases or towels, or especially helpful cookbooks. More importantly, make sure to include any family heirlooms or items of significance, such as a family Bible, photo albums, or Grandma’s quilts or wedding ring. If you or someone else in your family does any kind of craft, you might want to include a handmade gift, created especially for your daughter. You could also have an artistic family member decorate a plain cedar deck box by carving or painting designs or your daughter’s name on the outside or lid of the box. For another personal touch, you could write letters to your child as she grows up, seal these letters, and place them into the cedar deck box for future reading. Stockpiling items for a daughter’s hope chest presents a tangible opportunity to prepare for and contribute to her future. Buying the cedar deck box is only the beginning of a special process as you prepare to pass along both helpful and personally meaningful items to your daughter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: