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Capadocia is an HBO series .parable with the quality and the high production level of a series produced in United States. The storyline is dramatic and full of raw emotion.   Capadocia is about the lives of 6 female prisoners, who all came to jail for separate reasons, and how they will have to survive one way or another. It shows how every woman in the prison fights for her own interest.   The prisoners live a miserable life, full of bitterness and hardships simply because they have no other choice. Besides struggling with the reality they find themselves in, they also struggle with the guilt of the crimes they have .mitted.   The series has a first rate cast, with very realistic scenery and a script that develops the plot with admirable realism. The story is fabulous, especially the ongoing question about personal morals and values.   7. A new proposal of Mexican series: It doesn’t look like the usual Mexican telenovela, packed with scantily clad girls, dashing macho men and unceasing melodrama. Capadocia is much more than that, because its plot is based in real events that reveal the corruption problems in Mexico and its prisons.   6. The realism of the story: It’s crude, graphic and violent, but that kind of realism is what makes this such an interesting show. There’s no denying that the show conveys the tension and gloominess of prison viscerally. The final episode makes perfectly clear that Capadocia will consume the lives of everyone (not just the prisoners) who touches it. It’s another tribute to Capadocia’s power that it can have such an unsettling effect on its viewers.   5. Rhythm of the story: The series takes place in a modern prison that mixes political interests with corruption and power struggles. Although it touches Latin American television themes that are already overplayed (such as drug trafficking), the series has the HBO high production standards, making it dark, credible, and easy to follow.   4. A genuine script: The writers also based some of the story on real-life events and characters, drawing most of the inspiration from Mexico City’s infamous Santa Marta women’s prison. The result is a series that is as grim, bloody and chaotic as actual Latin American prisons can be.   3. Lorenas character: Her acting is excellent. Ana De La Reguera has a very .plex role as a placid suburban housewife who gradually changes into a hardened drug-addicted killer. Her talent is able to over.e even some of the more contrived writing lapses.   2. The series analyzes current political issues: Capadocia also made an analysis of the degeneration that happens in the prisons whose victims are the women. Although prison should be a place where criminals learn how to adapt to the normal world and get recover from past errors; it is a corrupt and hostile environment.   1. The drama of the prisoners: In jail, the women learn to defend their own individual space, often broken by the other prisoners or even the official authorities. At the prison you have to assume that human rights are constantly violated, if only for the fact of being convicted.         相关的主题文章: