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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews It is reported that a British college graduates who has invented a new bike light, which can project the picture of the bike onto the road, so that to warn the driver. The inventor of this bike light is Emily Brooke, and she was just graduated from the University of Brighton last year, after that she has obtained the Entrepreneurs scholarship to continue for further study from the Babson College in Massachusetts. She has learned the product designing from the University of Brighton, and she said that she wanted the appearance of this inventor can decrease more traffic accidents happening. Emily Brooke came from Bath when she was 27. The inspiration of this bike light was .ing from during her tough from .municating the bus .panies and road security experts. This new inventor was called for "Blaze", which used the laser to project a green light within 5 meters in front of the bike, so that to eliminate blind spots. Emily said that she was thought out of this idea after she took part in a cycling activity which organized by a charity organization. When asked why she has determined to make this bike light, Emily said that: "I was learning the design of products and my graduate work is to do about a city bike." While she also added:" As a part of this designing, I have studied the related data about the bicycle accident. During I riding my bike across the Brighton, I was thinking that the bus and truck cannot see me that may be very dangerous for me. I need to design a bike light to make me seen by others clearly so that to protect myself." At present, this bike light is sold for 60 pounds, and there are two modes of intermittent flickering and continuous lighting. Even though there are still not any data showed that how many accidents it has decreased since it came out, while this bike light is said to be a new and secure inventor for the bicycle hobbyists. While we cannot vote against to the revolutionary bicycle light as it has improved a lot in design and function. And it is so widely used proves that the light is a good partner for .muters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: