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Nantong, a man to avoid law enforcement, hit the traffic police threatened to hit you, he violated the first stop, not only do not listen to traffic police discouraged, but also threatened to "believe me, I hit you", then hit the traffic police. This is yesterday (2) morning occurred in the city of workers and peasants Road Qingnian Road intersection scene. At present, some men because of obstructing traffic police law enforcement was sentenced to 8 days of administrative detention punishment. The incident recalled yesterday morning around 9:30, the city traffic police two brigade police Chen Liang in the city of workers and peasants Road Qingnian Road intersection duty, see a su F license plate black private car parked in the non motorized lane. As the car blocked traffic, Chen Liang stepped forward to show his identity and signaled the man to pull the car away from the forbidden area. However, the man refused to drive his car away, and his mouth kept saying, "can I stop for two or three minutes?". In the case of repeated discourage invalid, traffic police asked the driver to produce driver’s license, driving license. The face of police, the man has turned a blind eye to make the phone call, after hanging up the phone actually asked "why should I get off the police to produce documents?" And then threatened, "believe it or not, I hit you."!". Just when the two sides deadlocked, a woman came up and handed the man something, and the man got something, turned around and got ready to drive. Because the man has not shown his driving license, the traffic police suspect his driving without a license, not let him leave. To prevent men from fleeing the scene, traffic police Chen Liang stood in front of the car. At this point, an unexpected scene happened. The man suddenly started the car, forced forward, will avoid the less than Chen Liang knocked down to the ground. However, the man did not immediately get off, and argued, "can I pull over?"". The daily master doesn’t understand: "this big brother, you originally violated the roadside, and why" pull aside "say? After being knocked down, Chen Liang immediately call the police 110 alarm. The Public Security Bureau Chongchuan on-site emergency alarm police station arrived, the driver will be taken to the police station for further investigation. Law enforcement recorder recorded all the incident process. Fortunately, Chen Liang, the traffic police, was not injured. But the behavior of men involved is really bad, I hope the 8 days of time enough to reflect on him. Expansion video: bile is too fat! Violation stop checked driving hit traffic police

南通一男子为躲避执法开车撞交警 扬言“撞死你” 自己违停在先,不但不听交警劝阻,还扬言“信不信我撞死你”,随后驾车撞倒交警。这是昨天(2日)上午发生在市区工农路青年路路口的一幕。目前,涉事男子因阻碍交警执法被处以行政拘留8日的处罚。事件回顾昨天上午9:30左右,市交警二大队民警陈亮在市区工农路青年路路口执勤时,看到一辆苏F牌照的黑色私家车停在非机动车道上。由于该车阻碍交通,陈亮上前亮明身份,示意该男子将车驶离禁停区,然而,男子迟迟不肯将车开走,嘴里一直说“我就停两三分钟不行吗?”。在多次劝阻无效的情况下,交警要求该男子出示驾驶证、行驶证。面对交警的要求,该男子却视若无睹地打起了电话,在挂断电话后竟下车质问交警“我为什么要出示证件?”,随后扬言“信不信我撞死你!”。就在双方僵持不下的时候,一名女子走过来,递给该男子一个东西,男子拿到东西,转身上车准备开车走人。由于该男子一直没有出示驾照,交警怀疑其无证驾驶,不让其离开。为防止男子逃离现场,交警陈亮站到了车前。就在这时,让人意想不到的一幕发生了。该男子突然发动汽车强行向前行驶,将躲避不及的陈亮撞倒在地。然而,该男子并未立刻下车,还辩称“我靠边停车不行吗?”。日报君就不明白了:这位大哥,你本就违停在路边,又何来“靠边停车”一说?被撞倒地后,陈亮随即拨打了公安110报警。崇川公安分局学田派出所民警接警后紧急赶到现场,将肇事司机带往派出所予以进一步调查。执法记录仪录下了所有事发过程。所幸,当事交警陈亮并未受伤。但涉事男子的行为实在恶劣,希望8天的时间够他好好反思。扩展视频: 胆儿太肥了!违停被查开车撞交警相关的主题文章: