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Networking I don’t have a lot of information to go off of to review the Global Wellness Innovation SRL Network Marketing .pany, but I’ll do my best based on the information I’ve been able to gather. As of now it seems they are only showing up in classified ad sites, as I haven’t been able to find their own website yet. It also seems like they are a trading .pany out of Bihor in Romania. The .pany claims to be one of the most diverse industries of this century. They cover the health and wellness industry and are involved in Multi-Level Marketing. Global Wellness Innovation SRL claims it took them years to research and find the most outstanding products reps could sell to earn a passive residual in.e with. They claim now, after years of market research, that they have finally found the most trusted manufacturing .panies that are now their partners for long-term business. The goal of this .pany was to create high ticket products in a myriad of diverse markets that .bine the best organic products along with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. This .pany claims that by employing this strategy for sourcing products that their .pany will continue to grow for the long term. This .panies mission and emphasis is on Innovation, hence their name. They claim that their name and their methods for introducing products for public consumption will give Network Marketers a chance to earn extra in.e. The products this .pany offers are Instant Coffee, Tea, Organic Beauty Products, Food Items, Herbal Remedies and Hot Drinks. Global Wellness Innovation SRL claims that it is scheduled to launch in 2009. They are offering free registration during the pre-launch process. The .pany in the past claims to have created Twenty Five Country Wide, and Five Hundred International Premium Bonus Pool Sharing opportunities for the last 3 years in a row. So my hunch is that this .pany has done some pretty big things in the past already at least that’s what they are saying. If you do decide to pay to join Global Wellness Innovation SRL you will be part of the Elite Club. All the Elite Club members will split 6% from the .panies Country Wide monthly bonus value. You also have a chance to join the International Elite Club. These members will be splitting 2% of the Worldwide Bonus Value. These benefits don’t include the normal MLM .pensation Plan attached to this .pany. I don’t have any details on exactly how the .p plan works yet, so these details are apparently forth.ing. I’ll keep an eye out and post an update when I hear something new. This opportunity appears to be worldwide since they’re offering Global Bonus Incentives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: