Accidentally broke into God’s private goldfish bowl icesword

Accidentally broke into the private goldfish God in the undersea landscape of Palau is famous in the world, is recognized as the world’s seven wonders of the deep, aquarium with God said. Without the sea, is not been to palau! Come with me to God’s private goldfish bowl play! I photographed the first to a, in an uninhabited island, in a place, there are so many transparent fish run around with you. Shark city is near the uninhabited island of Ngermeaus. In other places usually can see a large number of shark diving, but the city is snorkeling Palau sharks can see. A few, sometimes as many as a dozen black fin reef sharks circling at the foot, think about all the excitement! Some people may ask, not afraid of it? In fact, in addition to the great white shark, most sharks, especially reef sharks, are very shy, you chase it in the ass but will take it away, so dive guides often teach us from its positive swam with sharks in the sea to encounter haha! Century City scallops is bivalve Tridacna shell, is the largest in the ocean, the maximum body length up to 1 meters, weight 300 kilograms, can be used as decorative stones and shell beads. Palau’s small Tridacna shell a lot, in the following several Perrier Bay pavilion. In Palau, hundred years city, you can at a depth of 5 meters of water, see a lot of shell length more than 1 meters of the giant clam shellfish, spectacular. The ship during World War II, the United States and the two sides have clashed in Palau, Palau, now many can still be seen when the plane crashed and ships. The wreck is a rollover in the water, we can clearly see one side of the ship. With the passage of time, these sunken aircraft and ships, has become the coral and fish habitat, and the famous snorkeling spots. With a photo wreck fault of Palau’s most popular attractions of snorkeling, from 2 meters away from the surface to the depth of the bottom two, has three hundred meters of the cliff, over hard and soft corals and giant scallop. Coral shallow reefs hidden countless colorful tropical fish, sometimes you can still see some deep sea fish. Here is also the global diving circles known as the world’s first seven diving, diving more shocking oh! Jellyfish Lake Palau jellyfish lake is the town of treasure, and it is named by the consortium with tens of thousands of jellyfish. Jellyfish Lake is a part of the sea, due to crustal movement, the surrounding seabed rises gradually and off from the formation of a inland saltwater lake. As a result of nutrient consumption in the lake led to the demise of a large number of marine life, leaving only jellyfish like this low. The enemy withdrew, the jellyfish gradually lost to self-defense toxins, then the achievements of the world the one and only non-toxic jellyfish. Unfortunately, due to El Nino Pacific, Palau rain reduced, the water temperature rises, the number of jellyfish in the lake decreased sharply. Of course, do not rule out the possibility of man-made factors, do you think so many people come every day, wearing flippers may accidentally kick a few. The jellyfish has had a lot of baby, but the size is very small, mostly stay at the bottom of the lake to avoid high temperature, less likely to see, so it is not recommended to go down jellyfish相关的主题文章: