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Actress Kary Ng abortion strong posting: feel full of love Kary Ng face book the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on November 6th, Hongkong singer Kary Ng [micro-blog] (Kary) last year and the first boyfriend "Prince of tennis" Hong Lixi complete the marriage, the wedding when she repeatedly conveyed pregnant, Kary Ng quickly drying out bikinis according the rumor, but recently Kary Ng suffered a miscarriage, Kary lose love crystallization. "Our hearts are broken, and the 6 day Kary Ng in the face book strong papers, thank you for your concern. Kary Ng said the day before, recently stopped working, because she was pregnant, but because of unexplained miscarriage, Kary Ng blame "why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong?" Kary after abortion hit, Hong Lixi often accompany the wife side, two people together sad moments, and adjust your attitude, ready to meet the moment when the novice parents. Kary Ng several days later, the 6 day posting on face book, thanks to outside greetings and encouragement "we all feel full of love", for a lot of girls to share their experience, at the same time, Kary Ng also mentioned that "in trouble don’t count how many lost, but to remind yourself how much you have, you will find there are a lot of thankful thing, show full of positive energy. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: