After leading man hands with our beauty to become a monk

After leading man hands with our beauty to become a monk to his wife from the body with a strange combination of circumstances, then a permit. (source: picture) after hundreds of years of Nirvana Buddha India, the rise of the prosperity of the mauryan. King Ashoka spent a lot of manpower and financial resources, built a magnificent magnificent palace, also found many painters from all over the world, to paint the walls of the palace. A few months later, the painter has finished painting, only kasmira in the north of a small country artist yet. The painter because the journey far, so when he arrived at the palace of the travel thousands of miles, the entire palace had painted every kind of painting, only the gate and five feet wide wall blank. A painter while looking at these works, he thought the painting theme, suddenly thought of, to the palace of the way through a small town, the lotus pool has a very solemn woman, outstanding temperament, as evidenced by the queen! The artist thought, decided to draw on the wall under the shadows of the beautiful woman. One day, in the temple Ashoka, see the wall beauty diagram, asked: "this picture is beside the minister who painted? Get him out of here!" So the Secretary will find the artist, painter to the front of ashoka. Ashoka asked: "you this painter painting woman is a real person, or fiction?" The artist will be on his way to see through to the beauty of the king report, Ashoka was glad to hear, immediately sent messengers to ask the woman into the house when the queen. The messenger came to the woman home, the woman will convey to Ashoka parents, parents to not only joy, but very embarrassed. The distance between the two countries was far away, and the messenger ran on the road for three years before he arrived in the country. We do not know what to do, came to his family, told this matter son. Son is a Sambo disciples, thought: "life is the most dangerous thing, than riches and beauty, if you do not obey, will provoke fatal disaster." After much consideration, the son-in-law agreed to allow the messenger to bring his wife back to the palace. One day after the woman became Queen, Ashoka, gave her a bunch of flowers. The queen holding flowers, smelling the fragrance of flowers, suddenly weeping. Ashoka was puzzled and asked why she was so sad? The queen replied with embarrassment, "you must forgive me my sins, and I dare say." Ashoka promised after the queen and said: "this is the flowers smell and taste like my ex husband, that I could not help but think of him……" Ashoka after listen to very angry, loudly scold: "you are the queen queen now, how still miss the past things?" With the anger of Ashoka, immediately sent for her ex husband, he would like to know whether as the queen said, the body will emit fragrance. Besides, the queen in her ex husband away after his wife realized desire is suffering life, then bade farewell to his parents, a monk, and attained arahantship. When the messenger came to the temple, the expression of Ashoka’s will. The spiritual man asked the angel, "I have nothing now. Why does the king want to see me?"" The messenger replied, "the king wants to support you, so please go to the palace." He had to follow the messengers to it. Ashoka see monk, found him and sends out the fragrance, but also than the lotus"相关的主题文章: