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Anhui next month will launch false foreign media: South Korea Japan dysmenorrhea precedents – Sohu News Reference News Network February 18 news media said, Chinese, Anhui province allow severe dysmenorrhea women apply Hugh fake dysmenorrhea". According to the British newspaper "independent" website reported on February 17th, according to the news media China Chinese network, from March 1st this year, female workers in the central province of Anhui that issued by legitimate medical institutions or hospitals, apply for leave 1 to 2 days. Anhui is not the first province to introduce the regulation, the report said. The northern provinces of Shanxi and Hubei in the central region have already implemented menstrual leave. CNN (CNN) reported that before December 3, 2015, China South Guangdong province for menstrual false but not clear whether, the province will continue to implement the provisions of. According to a report by China network, a survey conducted in Guangdong shows that 20% female workers are unwilling to take their menstrual leave because of fear of delaying work. Some women workers worry that their rights are affected, and some employers are concerned about the increased cost. "The independent" reported that some other countries and regions, including South Korea, Taiwan, Chinese Indonesia and Japan have already been implemented to allow women in the menstrual period prescribed vacation. Japan began to implement menstrual leave in 1947. It is learnt that Nike is the only company in the world to include such vacation provisions in the company’s code of conduct. "Jakarta globe" reported that Indonesia said women even if the body need rarely leave, the reason is that the company insisted that they must do in the physical examination approved before the holiday. Taiwan allows women workers to take three days off for a year, which is the largest number of holidays allowed in all countries and regions. However, similar regulations have not been implemented in Western countries. Although Russia put forward such a proposal in 2013, it has never formed regulations. The British "Daily Mail" reported that the professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Gaidishen? "Said ZINS Castro, menstruation of female workers will increase the false work enthusiasm and productivity. The study showed that one out of ten women had severe menstrual cramps during the menstrual cycle, making them unable to perform normal activities for 1 to 3 days per month. Zhang Xiaomei, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), proposed the proposal in 2011. She says more than 85% of women believe that menstruation affects their work more severely.

安徽下月将推行痛经假 外媒:韩国日本早有先例-搜狐新闻   参考消息网2月18日报道 外媒称,中国大陆安徽省允许痛经严重的女性申请休“痛经假”。   据英国《独立报》网站2月17日报道,根据中国媒体中国网的消息,从今年3月1日起,中部省份安徽省的女职工可以凭合法医疗机构或医院出具的证明,申请休假1至2天。   报道称,安徽不是第一个引入该项法规的省份。北部的山西省和中部的湖北省早已实行月经假。   美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)曾报道称,2015年12月3日前,中国南方广东省也试行过月经假,但不清楚该省是否将继续推行该规定。   根据中国网的报道,广东省的一项调查表明,两成女职工不愿休月经假,原因是怕耽误工作。   有些女职工担心其权利受影响,一些用人单位则表示担心相关成本增加。   《独立报》的报道称,其他一些国家和地区,包括韩国、中国台湾地区、印尼和日本早已实行允许女性在月经期休假的规定。   日本1947年开始实行月经假,据悉耐克公司是全球唯一一家在公司行为规范准则中包含这种休假规定的企业。   《雅加达环球报》报道说,据说印尼女性即便身体状况需要也极少请假,原因是公司坚持她们在获批休假前必须做体检。   台湾允许女职工一年休三天痛经假,这是所有国家和地区中允许休假天数最多的。   不过,西方国家没实施类似的规定。尽管俄罗斯2013年提出过这种方案,但从未形成法规。   英国《每日邮报》报道说,妇产科教授盖迪什?格鲁津斯卡斯说,月经假会提升女职工的工作积极性和生产率。   研究显示,十个女性中就有一人生理期有严重“痛经”,使得她们每月有1至3天无法进行正常活动。   报道称,在中国大陆,全国政协委员张晓梅2011年提出了这个提案。她说,85%以上的女性认为经期较严重地影响了她们的工作。相关的主题文章: