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Anything is their fine marriage man knows his girlfriend already motherhood although the network shortens the distance between people, but also make it impossible for us to recognize the many lies. More than and 20 year old Xiao Du QQ met through age Xiaoyan, two people to develop slowly about marriage. After meeting some of the things that happened, so that Du can not understand, Xiaoyan claimed to commit suicide". In the small Du alarm, police intervention, we have to know the face of xiaoyan. Police said 18 love girlfriend "Dutch act" at 1:50 in the afternoon, the Yubei District Public Security Bureau police station received a back Hing young man Komori (a pseudonym) call alarm call, Komori said: "my girlfriend to buy medicine released video and circle of friends were worried about the text, his girlfriend Dutch act". Police immediately contact the police and the alarm person to provide the woman’s phone, the woman off the phone. Soon, the police in the city of Yubei District clothing Avenue, a cell door to find the alarm man du. Komori provided to the police with his girlfriend Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) WeChat chat and friends released suicidal text chat records show, Xiao Yan in the vicinity of Komori district. According to WeChat chat to buy medicine video, the police found a drugstore nearby, after the transfer of drug monitoring, the police see Xiaoyan morning in the drugstore to buy some medicine, buy drugs do not hurt the body. To get married but could not find the police do not know the ins and outs of Xiaoyan traces by monitoring, and asked the specific identity information of Xiaoyan to Komori inquiry. Can be said that he did not know the real name of his girlfriend, do not know the specific age, do not know the address, do not know the work unit. Small Du said he and Xiaoyan is through QQ chat understanding. Both sides are satisfied with each other through the chat, established the reality of the relationship between men and women friends. Two people have developed to about marriage. So Komori with Xiaoyan home to see their parents. Small Du also put forward to see Xiaoyan parents, so Xiaoyan will small du to a household in Yubei District, and Xiaoyan said no one at home. Komori after knocking at the door the house was out of a man, asked two people who, Komori is stunned, and then hurried away xiaoyan. After the event, Xiao Yan admitted that he cheated little Du, small Du decided to break up with xiaoyan. Until this time, Komori still do not know the true identity of the love girlfriend. Who knows his girlfriend had mother Komori told the police, the 18 day morning, Xiao Yan to Komori lived in the district to find him, the two sides still cannot continue this wrong relationship. Xiaoyan left to Komori made a video to buy medicine, and later in the WeChat circle of friends released some suicidal words, Komori after seeing very nervous, immediately contact the swallow, but the other mobile phone shutdown. Little worry about the safety of his girlfriend, this is the police for help. Back to the police station in Yubei District to find no fruit, after a multi search, and finally found a small swallow in the vicinity of the Shapingba District Xiao lan. Xiao Yan said do not do anything silly, he did not intend to Dutch act. Police in the process of looking for Xiaoyan, but also verify the identity of xiaoyan. In fact, Xiao Yan is not her real name, "little swallow" is 27 years old this year, the people of Dianjiang, temporary residence.相关的主题文章: