Are Remote Controls Stopping Us Exercising

Exercise I am wondering how many people are finding their lives are less active since we invented remote controls for everything we own. Maybe you never stopped to think about it particularly but so many ordinary items now have a remote control. Excuse me for a minute while I start to sound like my grandmother but in my day when life was simpler, we did actually get up to turn the volume up or change channels on the television even though we only had four of them. Yes I am old but then we did not even have a video machine, microwave or even a house phone. In my house the 1980’s changed everything but now it seems I have a fair amount of controls and it is hard to keep track of which is for what. I have one for the television, one for my Sky box, one for the DVD player, another for my CD player and even have a garage fob so the garage door opens itself. So really apart from getting up and going to work I don’t need to move when I get home. I even have a remote control for my Hunter ceiling fan with light. So no matter what I do I can do it from my armchair. I tend to mainly watch television or listen to my music in the conservatory. I get .fortable with my array of remote controls plus the extra one for the blinds in the conservatory and have no need to get up until I go to bed. Ok yes I may get up to get a cup of tea as I don’t have a control for the kettle or a robot to make the tea for me and bring it to me as well as popping to the loo but they are the only two reasons I would get up. That is what makes me as lazy because I don’t have any inclination to go out and run or in my case walk or go to the gym. So with the lack of exercise required in our day to day life I am not surprised so many people be.e obese. Even if we did manage to live without remote controls, though God knows how, I still wouldn’t go to the gym but just doing the small things like as I said opening my own garage door or getting up to change channels I would get more exercise than I am now. So are remotes stopping us getting the slightest bit of exercise? They certainly are in my house and I can say I never want to go without them. I can’t wait for the day when I have one for the washing machine and one to answer the front door for me. What about you? How do you feel about remote controls? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: