Attorney General Eric Holder And President Obama Involved In Trash-talks-wharfedale

Legal There have been many dramatic events in recent times, including the decision of Attorney General Eric Holder to release three 2005 Justice Department memos, being withheld due to interference from Brennan and CIA Director Leon Panetta. There were rumors that probably President Obama might be involved in this decision, but the President and the Attorney General Eric Holder currently seem to be busy with some trash-talks about high school basketball stuff. Washington expressed the disgust at the matter saying "Protocol be damned", if the President and a chief Attorney General were to discuss about stupid basketball games rather than the crucial law and order proceeding in town! This dramatic scene was captured at the AG’s ceremonial installation at George Washington University the last Friday, wherein Obama acclaimed Holder’s spunk stating that the Attorney General even had the courage to express his remarks regarding Obama’s basketball capabilities. But is he really all set for the New York game, added the president. In turn, the Attorney General Eric shuffled his collar, indicating as though the room was getting up heated up big time. The drama continued as President Obama explained to the attorney that he’ll look into the matter, cutting down his ego. The 57 year old Attorney in turn replied that the president has got the advantage of 10 years on his side; otherwise the things could have been the other way round. And at this moment, the entire room broke out in laughter. It was quite an interesting and rather funny discussion between Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Obama, but many critics had different thoughts about the same. Some of them expressed their grief mentioning it to be utter non-sense, while others thought that the president should focus on the relevant issues at the moment, which are far more important than silly baseball games. The involvement of Attorney General Eric Holder always invited similar .ments from the critics, especially at this point of time, when many other important things remain unanswered. This is quite ridiculous for such an upset between two respectable people of power. Let’s wait and watch the proceedings of these legal implications in future, right now all we can say is that irrespective of fact whether law is doomed or not, the Attorney General Eric Holder & President Obama have got the game of basketball on the top of their mind, before everything else! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: