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has a Fair Debt Collection policy to protect consumers. Knowing your rights will put off even the most determined collector since they already know the law and are pressing you on the assumption that you don’t. Debt collectors are NOT allowed to harass

Finance If you’ve been a victim of job loss, medical emergency or other cause of income loss, you may be one of the millions of individuals facing a pile of debts that you cannot cover. Miss one or two payments and you can expect to get a call from a debt collector. Calls from debt collectors trying to find you at your place of employment can be humiliating. You may already be screening your calls, your chest tightening as you realize it’s them – again. While not every debt collector is unsympathetic and berating they likely do have to steel themselves for many of the sad stories given to them as explanations for past due debts. They are also frequently rewarded for their efforts in collecting the debt with a commission based on the amount obtained. It is easy to see why it is not uncommon for individuals who are already in a desperate state to fear encounters with the more aggressive collectors who are determined to get their fees. "What Are They Allowed to Do?" Debt collectors are allowed to contact you by in person, by mail, by telegram, by fax and by phone; at home or at work – unless they know your employer would disapprove. They may also not contact you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. unless you have agreed to the contact at that time. They must contact your attorney unless you don’t have one. They may then contact other people to find out your telephone number, work place or address, but in most cases they are not allowed to inform them that you owe money or contact them more than once. "What If I Don’t Want to be Contacted?" Whether or not you actually owe a debt you can write a letter to the collector telling them to stop contact. They may then contact you only once to inform you that they will make no further contact or to tell you what action may be taken against you. Stopping contact will not clear the debt. If you do not believe you owe the debt make that clear in your letter. "What Can I Do If I Am Harassed?" The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a Fair Debt Collection policy to protect consumers. Knowing your rights will put off even the most determined collector since they already know the law and are pressing you on the assumption that you don’t. Debt collectors are NOT allowed to harass, abuse or oppress you or other individuals on your behalf – that includes obscene language, threats of violence or repeated calling in an effort to annoy. They are not allowed to misrepresent themselves as government agents, attorneys or representing a credit bureau if they are not. They cannot imply they are sending legal documents if they aren’t or that you’ve committed a crime, if you haven’t. They cannot imply legal action, including seizing property or garnishing wages unless they are legally allowed and intend to do so. You can find out more about your rights from the FTC. If you want to report an agent you can do so by contacting the FTC or your Attorney General. If they are breaking the law you have the right to sue. 。 Dr. Deepak Dutta is the creator of – an interactive social network website based on user shared text and picture contents on any topics. His other website – is one of the oldest online classifieds site where users can post ads in more than 600 US cities and 60 countries. Article Published On: – Finance – – – – – – – – – –

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large web portals with so many innovative features are created easily and very quickly. The framework of PHP Zend development can be used to develop websites in varied domains of e-commerce

Web-Development These days, websites are very important for doing business in almost all business domains. Most websites are created today using PHP development tools. This is the reason why a Web Developer Company or a Software Developer Firm shows their great interest to Hire PHP Developer to take care of their clients web development needs. PHP is one of the simplest tools used for the development of interactive and dynamic websites. After a web designer creates an attractive and appealing design for the website, a PHP developer creates web tools to make the website interesting and useful. While web designers take care of the look and feel of a website, a PHP developer ensures its usability and functionality features. Today, PHP is a widely used web development tool and not a single Web Developer Company or a Software Developer Firm can think not to have a PHP developer in the company. When a company wants to build a clients website with powerful data management and data usability features, it will have to Hire PHP Developer to create such functional features on the website. PHP allows a developer to create a user-friendly interface. PHP developers use smarty template engines for the purpose. The PHP Smarty Development allows maintaining a distinction between the presentation and the application logic of a website. In PHP Smarty Development, the application code is clearly separated from its design features like HTML, CSS etc. Thus, PHP Smarty Development allows fast web development and is very helpful for the programmers. Using PHP, programmers are today developing various rich internet applications and versatile web tools. The versatile framework of PHP Zend development allows programmers to develop rich applications at a rapid speed. Using this easy to use platform of PHP Zend development, large web portals with so many innovative features are created easily and very quickly. The framework of PHP Zend development can be used to develop websites in varied domains of e-commerce, networking, real estate and social media. A large number of websites have today crowded the web space, which has been built using the PHP framework. PHP is a simple and open source development tool, which is very popular among the developers community. Almost each Web Developer Company or a Software Developer Firm has a pool of PHP talents who develop extremely custom-made internet applications and dynamic websites in very quick span of time. If you too want to build a highly personalized website, you need to Hire PHP Developer. 。

research and experience sharing. Established over 25 years ago

Business Bangalore, 10 September, 2014:Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one of the worlds top CEO coaches and author of 34 books including international bestsellers like What got you here, wont get you there, will speak in Bangalore for the first time and deliver the Silver Jubilee oration at the National HRD Network (NHRD), Bangalore on the 20th September 2014. Dr. Goldsmith will address close to 1000 of Indias leading CXOs, business leaders and management professionals and talk to them on Employee Engagement, the focus of his latest book (to be released)and how it is one of the most critical factors for Indian organizations to sustain their growth story this decade. Alongside the Silver Jubilee celebrations, NHRD Bangalore has organized the3rd NHRD-TITAN HR showcase on 19th and 20th September, in a trade-show style format to exhibit about 70 best practices from Indias leading organizations, HR start-ups and researchers. NHRD Bangalore presents a platform for business leaders, Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and HR professionals to discuss best practices, learn from thought leaders and network with some of the best minds in the industry. Sudheesh Venkatesh, President of NHRD Bangalore said, The HR showcase is the crown piece of a series of 25 events we are bringing to our members in our 25th year. During the year, we touched upon subjects such as Talent Management, Corporate Governance, Organization Building, Culture, Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility, Lessons in Leadership from Cricket, etc. These subjects are highly relevant to managers and industry leaders in todays business environment The Silver Jubilee oration by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is befitting to this series. Combined with the showcase of 70 innovative best practices, the event promises to be an outstanding learning opportunity for business leaders, CHROs and their teams. This is an event for teams who are passionate about learning, growth and contribution. Balachandar Natarajan, Vice President of NHRD Bangalore added, Marshalls approach of coaching executives to reach new levels of success is legendary. It has been proven time and again with CEOs and management teams of high performing companies throughout the world. For the first time, we are creating the opportunity for business leaders in this part of India to tap into these insights. We are sure that this is an opportunity that most would not want to miss. To learn more about the Showcase and to register visit About NHRD- National HRD Networkwww.nationalhrd.orgis the leading National Apex body of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals to compete globally and thereby creating value for society. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. Established over 25 years ago, NHRD is an autonomous, not-for-profit professionally managed organization, playing the role of a catalyst in grooming leaders for tomorrow. It has 15,000 members representing Multinationals, Public & Private organizations including Government, Small & Medium Enterprises, NGOs& Media spread across 30 chapters in India and serves as a reference point for HR Professionals in Indian Industry. The Bangalore chapter, with a 1500 member strong base, is among the top 4 chapters in the country. It has established a reputation for the quality of programs it offers its members and has won the best chapter award for 2013. Bangalore is home to HR professionals working in different sectors-IT, Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail, Financial Services, Academia to name a few-and the Bangalore chapter is fortunate to have members from all these sectors. The ethos of Bangalore can be clearly seen in the youthful energy and vibrancy of the chapter. The chapter has hosted several National & International Conferences. 。

we will develop the skills of analyzing the real world. The future is no longer a reality

Health The fear of aging affects each and every person at one or the other stage of his life. Most of the people dont want to think about getting old. What is going to happen to their skin, what kind of appearance they will have, what would be their health condition and so on. Aging is a natural process and nobody can escape from this process. There are a number of things that you should do to overcome your fear. Most of the people do not realize what negative effects have on their body. Your condition may even become worse and aggravate the signs that worry you much. You may face the problem of what we call as worry wrinkles. Tips To Get Rid Of The Fear Of The Future If you really want to fight the fear of the future , then you should follow some tips and tricks to come out of this fear. The first thing you need to do is accept the fact that you will grow and become older as the days pass. There are a certain things that can slow down the process, but cannot stop it. Fear Of Aging Vs. Fear Of Future Running from aging is like hiding from a monster under the bed. Instead of running away from a monster, it is better to confront the monster. The fear of aging disappears, if you embrace it and accept it whole heartily. As we grow older, we will develop the skills of analyzing the real world. The future is no longer a reality, if planned well. Fear of the future is another thing that runs in the mind of many people. You cannot pretend it didn’t happen, nor you cannot deny the facts of life. If you want to come out of this kind of fear, it is better to give yourself some time and accept the fact that future cannot be changed. Seek the purpose of going forward, rather than worrying about it. Fear is a normal experience that everybody faces, regardless of the age and gender. Fighting the fear of aging is as simple as any other task. It is all about how you manage your life and accept the negative shades of life. People should be encouraged to strive hard to move from grief to gratitude and live a happy life. 。