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Auto insurance report said these words   be careful not a penny to you — car — original title: these words carefully not a penny to your friends when you are still in the auto insurance report, simply for car insurance on your car, no matter what the accident, the insurance company will give you compensation? In recent years, while being exclusions bear their own losses are not too much oh. There are so many cases, the insurance company is not compensable. Well, to come up with a small notebook, write it down! Situation one: the lights lost in addition to the headlights, like a mirror, tires and other separate damage will not be lost. Don’t think it will all pay to buy insurance. Situation two: "has taken place for two days," pay attention to your attention, the traffic accident occurred within a period of 48 hours is not reported to the insurance company is not compensable. In addition, such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis and other natural disasters, if the losses caused by these, do not lose. Three: "when the license is lost" drive, if your driving license is lost, or in replacement, anyway, at this time you have a driver’s license, you out of the car if what accident, the insurance company will not pay. Situation four: the car repaired, this is the invoice, submit it, the car repaired, it means that the collision is not evidence. Without evidence, who will reimburse? So, ah, do not find the insurance company after the car repaired, before! Situation five: "the car fell from the lift machine," the meaning of this sentence, that is, during the repair of the car caused any damage, damage, insurance companies do not lose. Six: "the engine inlet fire again scrapped" wading two ignition engine damage, the insurance company does not pay. Because the insurance company believes that this is the owner of their own mistakes caused by operation. So, when wading flameout, don’t go to ignition, should be immediately called a trailer towed the car. (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: