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The BAT content of ecological contrast: what is the content of the business behind the omnipresent Sohu – Science and technology news, two months before the full opening of the hundreds of Baidu, will start in November 23rd 2016 and the content of ecological conference theme "billion about firepower, including" 10 billion "words notably, how to fire. It is worth looking forward to. This association in recent years, the emergence of high frequency content words, regardless of the content of entrepreneurship, content realization, or content bonus, are inseparable from the content itself and its business logic behind. The "content" of such a word, in today’s Internet Ecosystem not only refers to the narrow sense of the content of news and information, to see from a higher and wider dimension, information, services, games, business, film and television, in fact, can be regarded as the content, because the content on the Internet which is now more ecological like gathering traffic flow, and the distribution of the cash flow is a tool and means. The core purpose of the content, or is the flow and realization. There is no doubt that BAT today has formed a huge ecological content, although each of the contents of the ecology of a series of products, the formation of a set of ecological closed-loop. But if Tiaofenlvxi, three internal ecological content structure is completely different, the content product logic also has the very big difference. Origins: content from the Internet to the outbreak of BAT has become the leading content from the Internet to the outbreak of BAT become dominant, this history is actually a process of sorting and distribution of Internet world is rich in content, and gradually to the outbreak as the core of the giant. The content of the early Internet world was extremely deficient. The search is separate from the beginning. Search engine is equivalent to a large UGC platform, the need for a large number of content, and each site is the source of content, in a steady stream of new content. We need to search engine website each one takes what he needs, this platform requires the content of the website search engine. As early as 2006, Baidu has been focused on the search engine, is responsible for the flow of transport and distribution, in order to get advertising revenue in the content platform. At that time, Baidu, although most of the Internet access to water, but it can only transport. It is also at this time, Baidu gradually self built content as one of the important strategies to operate. At that time, there is even a saying – Baidu finished the search engine, but also want to do portal. Although this argument is not very accurate, but Baidu’s content strategy is precisely the beginning of this time. June 2005 Baidu know release, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu music predecessor Baidu music box was born in 2006, and in the birth of Baidu video in 2007, Baidu library released in November 2009. Baidu’s basic content system is started with luxuriant foliage at this time, and gradually laid the foundation for today the whole content of ecological layout. And in 2010, followed by the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, traffic distribution pattern gradually changed, this stage of change has laid the pattern of today. When the portal gradually fading, then very popular grand gradually old, BAT has three of the world, three in gradually.相关的主题文章: