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Beauty industry urgent need to regulate the   consumers want to keep their eyes open – Fashion – People’s original title: the industry needs to regulate the beauty of consumers to keep their eyes from cosmetics to medication, injections, and then to plastic surgery…… Chinese people are more willing to spend money on beauty, but also more and more dare to try a variety of beauty tools. But the beauty industry rapid development at the same time, the problem is as the shadow follows the form. From August 2015 to June 2016, less than a year’s time, Jiangsu City, Nanjing prosecutors approved the arrest of 11 cases of cosmetic plastic industry criminal cases of 23 people, an increase of 60%. Such a high incidence of criminal cases, not only harm the physical and mental health of consumers, but also seriously disrupt the market order, undermine social integrity, affecting the healthy development of the industry as a whole. According to the Nanjing Municipal People’s Procuratorate investigation and supervision department director Xi Chen, currently engaged in illegal cosmetic industry personnel overall low age, the 23 suspects, 35 years old the following 14 suspects, accounting for 70% of the total, the "90" there are 5 people. They have a weak awareness of law and lack of awareness of the illegality and harmfulness of their actions. In the Jianye District of Jiqingmen street near the illegal creation of "micro plastic" clinic "90" Wang, knowing that the purchase of the use of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and other cosmetic drug smuggling import department without the approval of the case, to seek illegal interests, from January 2015 to June, to 16 consumers of injection use facial ulceration caused many consumers. Lawless elements of illegal beauty cosmetic institutions generally scattered in the city’s commercial office buildings, apartments, extremely difficult to detect. Cosmetology reshapingorganization most criminals opened the unmarked gates, and then only "regulars" or "membership", great difficulty of monitoring." Xi Chen said. In gemou selling fake beauty needle case, GE was nurses in a hospital, see cosmetic profit quickly, for March 2015 illegal creation of cosmetic institutions in a building, in order to avoid law enforcement inspection, usually only by phone, WeChat "on the point of contact point, buy the product only by express delivery. When consumers need to show up for plastic surgery, and does not allow other people outside the presence of consumers on the sidelines, will cost 100 yuan a needle to 1000 yuan price to sell to consumers, to August 2015 was seized in a short period of time, the profit reached 150 thousand yuan. Suspects should be issued by a circle of friends in the circle of various types of plastic surgery, such as the success of false propaganda, induce 7 female consumers repeatedly to a cosmetic surgery should be performed 11 times, profit of more than 6 yuan. Strong market demand so that illegal plastic surgery has formed a complete industrial chain from personnel training to drug sales, underground beauty salon is increasingly becoming a one-stop crime terminal. Criminals for illegal cosmetology reshapingorganization demand in hardware and personnel, through the sale of counterfeit drugs and beauty facilities, to provide staff training profiteering. Lee in the area along the Yangtze River Road, Xuanwu District, operating a "underground beauty shop", arranged in the store to promote the sale of fake beauty cosmetics, while the illegal opening of the beauty training courses to recruit students相关的主题文章: