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Beware of the beauty of the needle hit   botulinum toxin transfer — Health Channel – original title: beware of botulinum toxin transfer needle Botox is a shortcut to Amy anti wrinkle firming. The application of this chemical has been controversial because of the toxic effects of botulinum toxin. U.S. scientists recently found that botulinum toxin will be transferred to the outside of the injection site. University of Wisconsin at Madison professor of neuroscience Edwin? Chapman and his colleagues in the culture dish to nerve cells in mice injected with Botox, botulinum toxin found in molecular had not received injection nerve cells. "When a portion of the toxin is present (the first cell in contact), the other part of the toxin acts elsewhere." Chapman said, it is not clear how far they can move, may be determined by the injection dose and other factors." He believes that if you can genetically modified Clostridium botulinum Clostridium genus of bacteria, can accurately control the effective part of botulinum toxin, do not worry about its transfer. "It’s an exciting prospect to replace the market with $2 billion worth of drugs with safer drugs". The results are published in the latest issue of the journal Cell report. Botulinum toxin temporarily paralysis of nerves, blocking the muscles to receive nerve signals to shrink, so as to achieve the role of compact skin. This is a highly toxic substance that is measured at a dose of one and a half grams. Botox produced in the United States is the market share of products of Botox, the highest sales last year reached $2 billion. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: