Beijing – VIDEO -600 name of the Three Gorges reservoir fishing master battle autobots

Beijing – VIDEO -600 around the fishing master battle of Three Gorges Reservoir area around 600 fishing master battle of Three Gorges Reservoir Area [comment] from November 5th to 6, 2016 Han Feng Lake City fishing tournament held in Chongqing opened area, from the 200 national city’s 600 fishing master in Hanfeng lake, in a period of 2 days to compete, compete for total prize money of 350 thousand yuan prize. For the Three Gorges Project and Hanfeng lake, by two rivers converge into the territory, the perennial water more than 170.28 meters, water area of 15 square kilometers, is the construction of the Three Gorges project has formed the artificial lake. The day of the game, the Three Gorges reservoir water reached 172 meters, beautiful attracted around a landscape of lakes and mountains, fishing enthusiasts to participate. The same period [] (Inner Mongolia Erdos team player Li Xuefeng) the environment is really good, the water quality is also very good, I saw a lot of small ious two days ago, because the fish are considered water quality, general quality if there is pollution, the fish can’t live. We often go out to various places to go fishing, only the kind of fish, the water quality is no problem. Very good, especially clear. [comment] the competition is divided into "gold" and "platinum group" two groups, qualifying to participate in the competition of the 200 teams of 600 players have to pass through a six hour uninterrupted, then the game before the 20 promotion "platinum group" of the game, the remaining 180 teams will "Gold Group" of the game, the final total prize money of 350 thousand yuan of the two groups winners won the contest. In order to reflect the fairness of the game, all the teams only allowed two rods and fishing with a bait and provided by the organizing committee. The competition, the Organizing Committee put about 70 thousand pounds of carp and crucian carp, the largest fish nearly a pound of 8, all the fish were placed in a large network. The last championship, Inner Mongolia team Erdos 5 days in advance to Hanfeng Lake familiar with the venue, they are full of confidence to won the championship. [the same period] (Inner Mongolia Erdos team player Li Xuefeng) this year, we are ready, we came here in October 31st, came to observe the waters here, or very good, good. The difficulty of this game is to test your technical problems. Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan Chongqing reports相关的主题文章: