Blatter will soon introduce his autobiography, football mission, with pictures as the main

Blatter’s upcoming autobiography "soccer mission" images of Zurich in February 23rd Xinhua sports news is "grounded" 8 years ago FIFA President Blatter’s upcoming German autobiography "football mission" in March, and FIFA will be 26 days to elect a new president. The publisher WerdWeber on its website said, "this book will show the journey of Blatter". "Although he was very successful, he had to endure harsh criticism and criticism. In this rich illustration autobiography, Blatter tells the world that he learned how to deal with hostility, "says the publisher’s instructions. Blatter once said that his autobiography was dominated by pictures, looking back at his 40 year career at FIFA, including his experience as president of FIFA since 1998. The 300 page hardcover autobiography by FIFA former spokesman Thomas · Lungelisuo, who resigned in September of last year. The publisher said, Lungeli has a lot of private information about Blatter. At present, the German edition of Blatter’s autobiography is undergoing final editing and is expected to be released within a few weeks with a price of 49 Swiss francs (about $49), and the English version is scheduled to be released in June. (end)

布拉特即将推出自传《足球使命》 以图片为主   新华社苏黎世2月23日体育专电 被“禁足”8年的前国际足联主席布拉特即将在3月份推出德文版自传《足球使命》,而国际足联将于26日推选出新一任的主席。   出版商Werd&Weber在其网站上透露,“本书将显示布拉特的生命旅程”。“尽管他非常成功,但还必须忍受严厉的批评和指责。在这本丰富的插图自传中,布拉特告诉世人他学会了怎样处理敌意,”出版商的介绍说明如是说。   布拉特曾经表示,自传以图片为主,回顾他在国际足联的40年生涯,包括他从1998年担任国际足联主席以来的经历。   这本300页的硬皮自传由国际足联前新闻发言人托马斯·伦格利所著,此人于去年9月辞职。出版商表示,伦格利有很多关于布拉特的私人信息。   目前,布拉特自传的德国版正在进行最后编辑,有望在几周内发行,售价49瑞士法郎(约49美元),英文版计划于今年6月发行。(完)相关的主题文章: