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BMW Baidu break up, or because of High German charm? Sohu technology car disputes has been in cooperation with break between the traditional mechanical components from Nanshenanfen cars, until now the software system dominated by mature auto market, are based on the mode of survival. November 17, 2016, according to the German automotive Weekly reported that BMW denies the suspension of cooperation with Baidu, the two sides are still on the map services and automatic driving cooperation. This response is the German Economic Weekly reported earlier in the day, reported that BMW and Baidu due to irreconcilable differences of opinion and the suspension of cooperation. We know that the late development of the domestic automobile market, whether it is in the automobile manufacturing, or the development of vehicle networking, not foreign heritage for centuries automotive technology, but as the world’s largest car market, the domestic market still has potential can not be ignored. As everyone knows the driverless car is the future trend of development, although the vast majority of the market in the prospects of the development of advanced driver assistance, but the ultimate goal is the same, for BMW and Baidu jointly develop the automatic driving technology of this, whether it is conducive to the development of unmanned vehicles BMW Baidu or Baidu or BMW contributes to a better understanding of China the market, both of which are BMW and Baidu is a win-win so why break it, just because of differences of opinion? To break up reason, to talk about the process of BMW and Baidu’s original intention and cooperation. In September 2014, Baidu and BMW signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides plan in the next 3 years, together to overcome the challenges of highly automated driving in China’s road environment. According to the cooperation agreement, Baidu and BMW’s R & D cooperation involving vehicle use, driving strategies, maps, supporting infrastructure, legal and industry standards and other aspects. At the beginning of 2015, Baidu is located in Beijing’s underground garage in long time parked a refit a new BMW 5 Series cars, this is the first car automatic driving car project testing Baidu’s partnership with BMW, the Baidu team affectionately call "white". December 10, 2015, Baidu and BMW research and development of the first driverless car in Beijing completed the first mixed road test. At the same time, the same as the battle for the map began to interact with BMW high german. We know that the Internet map as the car entered the first condition of automatic driving technology, more accurate positioning data with high sensor is an important achievement of the unmanned vehicle, between Baidu and the High German love and hate already is not only for the areas on the map, has now moved to the step of car networking, and even the current automatic driving field. In September 2016, High German map and BMW officially reached a cooperation, the two sides will work to build a new vehicle traffic information system, therefore, Ali into the Internet car heart shows no doubt. During the October 15th Hangzhou Yunxi conference, Alibaba vice president of mobile business group, High German car division president Wei Dong said that during the development of automatic driving vehicle test, High German will be free of charge to the automotive industry partners to provide high precision map data, it is reported that the first equipped with the new high German car infotainment system the BMW models, will be on 2018.相关的主题文章: