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Borrow Tmall double 11 big training, YunOS how to detonate all Internet technology – Sohu if a label for this year’s double 11 "smart" is one of the hot words will, not just shopping mode, logistics system more and more intelligent, for the first time to participate in the activities of the YunOS depth shopping Carnival also wrote a song and Overture the Tmall intelligent double 11. Tmall has released data from the point of view, equipped with YunOS Charm Blue 5 in the sales of $500 billion in 58 minutes, Internet TV sales break billion, a variety of YunOS products in sales to create a record of intelligent hardware. It can be said that with the Tmall dual 11 YunOS IoT all this parade, eco products again detonated all internet. YunOS beautiful results behind, IoT products to open the market in 2016 for YunOS is an unusual year. At the end of May 2016, YunOS intelligent mobile phone number more than 70 million of total active, intelligent terminals exceeded one hundred million, becoming the third largest operating system after Android and iOS domestic research report, market research company Shiner released also corroborated this point. In November of last year, people for the understanding of YunOS still remain in the mobile phone, TV and smart watches, and in this year’s Tmall 11YunOS intelligent dual venue, Internet car, intelligent mobile phone, smart appliances, smart car machine YunOS IoT ecological products have been as many as hundreds of. In fact, in addition to said in front of the sales performance, in the recently released Ali double 11 explosion models list, 5, Roewe Charm Blue RX5 YunOS products were selected, including the Roewe RX5 1500 Tmall launched a customized version in double 11 big promotion. In addition to mobile phone products, exposed this year yunqi conference "red net mobile phone" doov L9, support virtual reality function of small chili Player and Meizu’s charm blue series have achieved good sales results. Even if this car has not yet been fully electricity supplier of the products ", a staggering achievement is still made in the YunOS help. Until now, the 1500 is equipped with YunOS Roewe RX5 Tmall double 11 has been sold out. Since the Internet car Roewe RX5 listed in the order volume before November has exceeded 100 thousand units, of which 70% is the Internet car, only the month of monthly sales break million units. Compared with the traditional models, the Roewe RX5 YunOS for Car to create a sales miracle based on automobile industry. It can be said that before the YunOS, the so-called IoT and intelligent Home Furnishing concept still exists in the textbooks, even some of the odd manufacturers released a number of smart products in the market has not aroused the desire of consumers to buy. The YunOS series of products in the sale of 11 double Tmall, may mean that IoT products have been fully open the market, YunOS will push forward this point at least two years. The value of YunOS is to lead the intelligent lifestyle networking, intelligence s相关的主题文章: