BRIC countries, the Sixth economic and trade ministers meeting reached a number of results – China N diying

The sixth national meeting of trade ministers reached a number of results – China news agency new network in Beijing on 14 October, the Ministry of Commerce China 14 news release, 13 in India, New Delhi of the BRIC countries held Sixth economic ministers meeting made a series of achievements in other aspects of intellectual property rights, to prepare for the upcoming economic and trade the eighth BRICs leaders meeting. The meeting was chaired by the India chamber of Commerce and Industry Minister F Tara Man, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, China economic and trade ministers or representatives attended. The meeting focused on the global economic situation and its impact on Trade and investment, the BRIC countries BRICs multilateral coordination and pragmatic cooperation in the field of economic and trade position and other issues, through a joint communique meeting of trade ministers, and service trade, intellectual property, single window, small and medium-sized enterprises, trade promotion and standardization of a number of important results. Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen at the meeting said that the current economic development of the BRIC countries has entered a period of adjustment, but the country is rich in natural and human resources and a vast domestic market, great potential for development. He said that all members should implement existing consensus, to further expand the opening of the market, enhance policy transparency, exploration and innovation direction and mutually beneficial forms of cooperation, strengthen cooperation in trade in services, e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, intellectual property and other fields, to create new cooperation highlights. At the same time, BRIC countries should strengthen coordination on multilateral occasions, so that developing countries more equitable and comprehensive participation in the formulation of global economic and trade rules. By the world economic recovery is weak, weak commodity prices and other factors, some of the BRIC countries in trouble. According to the world bank in June, Brazil and Russia are likely to fall into a worse recession than expected in January, while South Africa’s economy is likely to grow by only 0.6% in the year to 2016. (end)相关的主题文章: