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A British exit   has no effect; Apple Corp is new London headquarters – Guizhou Channel – original title: British and European influence Apple Corp is London new headquarters according to the thenextweb technology network reported on September 29th, the Apple Corp said the relocation of the headquarters is currently located in the UK to the London landmark Battersea power station (Battersea Power Station). The power station is a British national two class protection building, the past 33 years has been in a state of waste, is currently spending billions of pounds of repair work is expected to open in 2021. Apple’s new park occupies 6 floors, an area of 500 thousand square feet (46 thousand and 500 square meters), including the central boiler room. The new headquarters can accommodate 3000 people. In the early days, the new headquarters will be used for the other 8 cities in Apple Corp, the staff of the office of the 1400. The remaining space is available for 1600 other employees, but apple is not currently planning to hire more staff to fill the new headquarters, but as far as possible to keep the space for future projects. An apple spokesman told the British "evening standard" the interview said, this decision is Apple’s "great opportunity", because "the whole team are in the same office together, at the same time to support the historic reform neighbours." Unlike other headquarters, the 42 acre Battersea power station is not part of the Apple Corp. Other tenants, including offices, wholesalers may also be settled, although Apple accounted for about 40% of the original boiler room into the office area of the area, the largest area of households. It is worth mentioning that the new headquarters in London will not replace apple in Cole, Ireland, the core of the European Department, more than 6000 employees who work there. The new headquarters is located next to the European headquarters to work for all Apple employees in the city. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: