China was the longest known miscarriage of justice committed after the expiry of 23 years Chen acqui-clonecd

"China was the longest known miscarriage of Justice Crime Chen full 23 years after the acquittal – Sohu News Zhejiang high court that the judgment of the original defendant Chen Man bell and set fire to kill the victim Zuokuan burned his body to destroy the evidence the facts are unclear, insufficient evidence, alleged crime can not be established, shall be commuted according to law. As Chen Man’s parents have over 8 years, thus unable to come to Hainan to witness the vindication of his son. The only full Gesao Chen Chen Yi couple present in the courtroom. To help Chen full appeals lawyer Wang Wanqiong told the surging news, Chen Man is known internally as the longest serving men, at the end of December 1992 has been arrested, have lost their freedom for 23 years. "Murder" in late December 25, 1992, the city of Haikou slope under the village occurred murder case crematorium. Subsequently, the victim Zuokuan clock home rental in Sichuan man Chen Man is locked to the suspect. Two days later, Chen Man was arrested by Haikou police, lost freedom. In March 23, 1994, the case in Haikou intermediate people’s Court of first instance, Chen Man told the court of the public security organ for the inquisition by torture, lawyer Cao Zheng pleaded not guilty. In November 9th of the same year, the Haikou intermediate people’s Court of intentional murder and arson crimes and sentenced Chen Man to death, suspended for two years. After the verdicts, Haikou city procuratorate protest, that Chen Man was sentenced to death. Chen helped Beijing a full appeal of retired workers Cheng Lirong pointed out that after the verdicts, Chen man wanted to appeal, but do not understand the law, and can not see his lawyer, therefore missed the appeal period. Cao Zheng lawyers, Chen full verdicts for a month, he learned that the verdict. In the meantime, the court did not inform him in any form. Fortunately, Haikou city procuratorate protest, to push the case into the procedure of second instance. In April 15, 1999, the Hainan High Court made a final ruling, upheld. The ruling said, "protest grounds protest authorities not improper, but taking into account the specific circumstances of the case, on trial accused Chen man not executed immediately." Chen Man and his family continues to appeal. In November 8, 2001, the Hainan high court dismissed the appeal of the Chen family. In April 9, 2013, the Hainan provincial procuratorate after examination that the Chen case does not meet the conditions of full case review. Chen Man and his family after years of endless complaints, get more help, the National People’s Congress Chen Dafen told the supreme law, the Supreme Procuratorate repeatedly reflected the case. In addition, a number of media reports also concern the case. "One hundred percent not unjust case"

“国内已知被关最久冤狱犯”陈满23年后宣告无罪-搜狐新闻   浙江高院认为,原裁判认定原审被告人陈满杀死被害人钟作宽并放火焚尸灭迹的事实不清,证据不足,指控的犯罪不能成立,依法应予改判。   由于陈满的父母均已年逾8旬,因此未能来海南见证儿子平反。当天只有陈满的哥嫂陈忆夫妇到庭旁听。   帮助陈满申诉的律师王万琼告诉澎湃新闻,陈满是国内已知的服刑时间最长的蒙冤者,1992年12月底被抓至今,已失去自由23年。   “杀人放火”   1992年12月25日晚,海口市上坡下村发生一起杀人焚尸案。随后,租住在被害人钟作宽家的四川男子陈满被锁定为嫌犯。两天后,陈满被海口警方抓获,自此失去自由。   1994年3月23日,该案在海口中院开庭一审,陈满向法庭陈述公安机关对其刑讯逼供,律师曹铮为其作无罪辩护。同年11月9日,海口中院以故意杀人罪、放火罪数罪并罚判处陈满死刑,缓期两年执行。   一审宣判后,海口市检察院抗诉,认为应判处陈满死刑。   曾帮助陈满申诉的北京一研究所退休职工程丽蓉撰文指出,一审宣判后,陈满本想上诉,但不懂法律,又无法见到自己的律师,因此错过了提起上诉的期限。   曹铮律师介绍,陈满案一审宣判一个月之后,他才得知判决结果。其间,法院未以任何形式告知他。幸好,海口市检察院抗诉,才推进该案走进二审程序。   1999年4月15日,海南高院作出终审裁定,维持原判。裁定书称,“抗诉机关的抗诉理由并无不当,但考虑到本案的具体情况,对原审被告人陈满可不立即执行死刑。”   陈满及其家人不断申诉。2001年11月8日,海南高院驳回陈家人的申诉。2013年4月9日,海南省检察院审查后认为陈满案不符合立案复查条件。   陈满及其家人经年不息的申诉,得到了多方帮助,全国人大代表陈达芬曾向最高法、最高检多次反映该案。此外,多家媒体也关注报道了此案。   “百分之百不是冤案”相关的主题文章: